Discover Prompt 1: Joke/No Joke

When Discover Prompts were first introduced on April 1st, 2020, I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t have a joke to tell, or even an old April Fool’s joke that I used to play on my Dad each year — yes, the ol’ cardboard-in-a-gum-wrapper trick!

So, I’ve saved my Joke post ’til last. And then a No Joke for the end.

Selling their wares in Chefchouen

Whenever we travel, we try to find children’s toys, something simple and fun to bring back to our granddaughter and other kids as “gifts from afar.” So, in Morocco, we were intrigued by some plain little boxes sitting in a bowl in Chefchouen, the blue town.

The proprietor of the shop noted my interest and immediately stepped in to play a joke on me. Because when you open the box yourself — as he let me do — a black snake quickly — and unexpectedly — pops out and taps you on your finger– much to your surprise. After all, who expects a snake to reach out and bite you from an unassuming wooden box?!!!!

And so I opened the box, jumped back a bit, squealed and laughed — and then I had to have one. Or a dozen as it turns out . . . because I got a deal!

Maybe the joke’s on me — I brought home a dozen snake boxes from Morocco!

And so it was that all the kids we invited over on Christmas Day that year got Moroccan snake boxes — and they couldn’t wait to surprise their parents. So, jokes all around — all from unassuming little boxes.

No Joke

And now for the second part: I completed one post each day during the month of April 2020 — one each morning right after I mulled over the word for the day, searched through old photos, and commenced the writing process. Looking back on the exercise, it was fun — rigorous to keep up, but fun. So NO JOKE — 30 posts in April — and a great way to spend my time in quarantine!

So, here’s what I’m asking you. I want to share the “most-clicked-on” posts from those 30 this coming Monday, May 4th. If you haven’t had a chance to check ’em out, now’s the time. I’ll look at the “number of views” stats and share which prompts and posts were most popular.

As of today, April 30, here are the 10 most-clicked posts on Oh, the Places We See listed by date. Hope you’ll take a look at any you’ve missed.

April 2: Open — Just as the Dogwood Arts Festival opens in Knoxville, so do the buds of beautiful flowers.

April 4: Street — Oh, those beautiful painted streets on the Greek island of Mykonos!

April 9: Pairs — A mother-daughter pair stroll the beach at dawn on Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

April 12: Light — The magic of morning light from Castine, Maine, to Morocco!

April 15: Scent — A smell to remember: lavender in bloom in Provence.

April 16: Slow — Watching a slow day on Kiawah Island unfold from sunrise to sundown.

April 17: Distance — Remembering when Boston Marathoners ran the distance in 2016.

April 21: Music — Hoping to hear music to my ears by UT’s Pride of the Southland Band this fall.

April 24: Elixer — Drinking in the elixer of a sunrise at Kiawah Island.

April 27: Team — Remembering the joys of working with a team to build homes around the world with Habitat Global Village.

As always, thanks for visiting our site.

It’s great to hear from you — No Joke!!

Rusha & Bert

12 thoughts on “Discover Prompt 1: Joke/No Joke

  1. Stefanie Lindorfer

    My Dad is always playing little jokes like this on me and it makes me smile to see these simple funny little jokes that bring me so much joy and happiness.


    Rusha and Bert, I love your snake box! We found a similar contraption when we lived in Sudan, and it produced hours of endless delight to all our guests. I have truly enjoyed your month-long series and really admire your daily perseverance – we are all the richer for it. Thanks so much for keeping us all educated and entertained. 🙂 ~Terri

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      It’s amazing how something little and inexpensive makes people smile. And we keep that little box in the bookshelf in the living room. You can’t believe how many people have been surprised. Of course, the real joy was watching the snake box sellers as they moved through crowds surprising others!!! Ain’t travel fun???

  3. kzmcb

    Well done! I noticed your commitment and read each one, looking forward to it. Thank you for the education and entertainment. Stay safe.

  4. Sue

    Oh, those snake boxes!! And ‘most clicked on’ posts….I posted most days more than once in April, so I might have to see which of my Isolation Project posts have been most popular …… Have a good day!

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