A quiet garden path dappled in morning light invites guests to climb and explore.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence in a Garden

Although much of the U. S. (especially in the South) is blanketed with snow this week, many of us are dreaming of gardens lush and lovely.  Last spring, in Knoxville, one homeowner opened his garden during the Dogwood Arts Festival garden tour.  It was a chance for those of us who love flora and fauna to […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

This week’s WordPress Daily Post photo challenge began with a quote from Wendell Berry:  “The Earth is what we all have in common” and ended with a request for writers to share their vision of glorious Mother Earth.  Well, even though we all have earth in common, it seems to us that some people just […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

Seems simple,right? A kid wants to be a snow leopard. So she steps up to the face painting tent at Knoxville’s Christmas in the City.  Selects Face Number 1 from the sample board.  Sits down.  Smiles at the artist.  And the transition from kid to cat begins. With a white base, the artist adds color, definition […]

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