Discover Prompt 4: Street

I won’t say Mykonos is the only town in Greece to have signature white/gray narrow, wobbly streets, but it’s the one we remember for an early walk on a rain-soaked morning. We had to look where we were going: slick white paint around gray cobblestones made our walk a little more treacherous as we tried to take pictures, keep up with a guide, and soak in the lovely ambiance of this signature Greek island.

Our guide specifically warned us: “Don’t step on the white, just the gray — that’s the part that’s freshly painted each year. And [as though she had to tell us] the white is pretty slippery when wet.” And so we hopscotched along, stepping only on the stones.

Mykonos streets with their graphic gray circles and white rings form a statement backdrop for colorful wares. And another diversion as we tried to keep up the pace with our guide.

After the tour, we were on our own, exploring slowly and peering in doors and windows and stairs. But when left to our own devices, we found ourselves lost in the labyrinth. Just saying “bakery” to some locals, though, got us back to a recognizable starting point.

And when we left, it was the streets of Mykonos, lined with bougainvillea, vines, and flowers we can’t even name, that we remembered.

And, to this day, it’s those streets that make us smile.

Rusha Sams

16 thoughts on “Discover Prompt 4: Street

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    1. Oh, the Places We See

      It does seem peaceful that day, but as vendors told us: this was the last day for a cruise ship to be in the harbor. Many businesses were shitting down for the winter. So I wonder what it’s like during the height of tourist season?!!

  2. Green Global Trek

    Such beautiful photos makes me feel rather wistful. It will I think be many many months before we can all travel again and the airlines are going to have to try to make some kind of magnificent comeback after all of this. Many will go into bankruptcy.

    I was in Greece as a twelve year old child travelling with my family from Israel back to South Africa which is my birth country. I have not been back since, but look forward to going there one day.

    Be well and stay safe and healthy

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for taking a look. I hope you like your new environment. And you’re right — we want to travel, but I don’t know when it will be safe. A sad commentary on life as we know it now.

  3. Coral Waight

    It looks like such a beautiful place. One day I’ll get there. Except I think I’m running out of time for everything. Oh, dear. At least I have your photos.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Judy, I feel very blessed to be able to travel, and I hope this current quarantine season will be over shortly. I so want to see a number of states in the US, and maybe get over to Jordan and Egypt someday. Stay safe.

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