The Netherlands will have to wait!

Hoorn, Netherlands: waiting to sail

As fate would have it, my right shoulder has a tear in its rotator cuff. So I’ll be out for surgery (only a day) and then recovery. But writing may not be possible for a while.

So, a trip to the classy little town of Hoorn and many others in The Netherlands and Belgium will have to wait.

Rooflines in Hoorn, Netherlands
Rooflines in Hoorn, The Netherlands

As will a tour of some of the world’s fascinating windmills . . .

windmill in netherlands
A side trip to a windmill in Holland is always good!

And those lovely rooflines we all love in The Netherlands.

Buildings in Hoorn, Netherlands
More great street scenes from The Netherlands are on their way . . . soon!

Thanks for your patience. I’ll be back!


17 thoughts on “The Netherlands will have to wait!


    Awww Rusha, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this. But I know that with your positive attitude you’ll pull through great and come out even better than before.

    It’s been a challenging month for us, too. First I had 2 eye surgeries, then I caught Covid at the doctor’s office – after successfully avoiding it since the Pandemic began! Then, of course, I gave it to James, too. Rats! So we’re sequestered together.

    James and I wish you a quick recovery so you can get back to doing all the things you love. Thanks so much for checking in on us. Big HUGS, Terri

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for the well wishes! I hate sitting on the sofa with only an operable left hand. So limiting.
      But your maladies sound more debilitating. Here’s hoping we’re all up and at ‘em. . . sooner than later!!!!

  2. Pat

    So sorry, Rusha. Hope the surgery goes well and recovery is quick. Just think of how much your brain will benefit from having to learn to do things differently, assuming you are right handed. If you can, keep us posted.

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