Earth Story: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #192

Walking through Zion National Park

This Earth Story is a tale told in orange as we celebrate the grandeur of the earth revealed in brownish, yellowish, orangey colors of America’s state and national parks.

Orange is the happiest color.

Frank Sinatra

In the photo above, hikers make their way around the striated rocks of Zion National Park. And from our car window, we captured a bit of the grandeur of this park as we gazed upward, never daring to pull over for fear of what might lie ahead for us.

Striated rocks: Zion National Park
A view of Zion National Park in golden colors

At Mesa Verde, rock ledges form a ceiling and floor for residents who built a home protected by the elements.

Rocks ledges, Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde National Park, Mesa Verde, Colorado

Rugged, red-orange boulders at Valley of Fire (near Las Vegas, Nevada) contrast beautifully with clear, unblemished blue Western sky.

Red rocks, blue sky: Valley of Fire, Nevada
Valley of Fire landscape

Closer looks reveal undulations and unusual formations possibly from rushing waters centuries ago and tall formations cradle little rocks below, inviting us all to move closer and take note of this old yet beautiful Earth Story.

To really be a part of the landscape, you have to move in and on, above and around the orange landscape. It’s the only way you can allow the earth to speak to you and tell its version of the story.

Climbing red rocks, Valley of Fire, Nevada
Traversing the land at Valley of Fire

The heavens are yours; the earth also is yours; the world and all that is in it, you have founded them.

Psalm 89:11

Occasionally, we see evidence of man’s response to earth. Petroglyphs at Valley of Fire reveal conversations and earth stories told by civilizations long before our time.

Petroglyphs, Valley of Fire, Nevada
Petroglyphs: Valley of Fire

The earth is speaking. We just have to listen.

To read and see more Earth Stories, head to Amy’s post for breathtaking photos set up by Mother Nature herself.

Travel the earth,

Rusha & Bert

31 thoughts on “Earth Story: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #192

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  2. Dawn

    Beautiful photos! Love the rich colors. I’m glad to see you’ve included the petroglyphs; not everyone knows about those in the Valley of Fire. 😎

  3. dawnkinster

    You are in my favorite part of the country, though I haven’t been there in many many years. So cool to see it again from your perspective. Beautiful images!

  4. Leya

    Earth in petroglyphs and orange looks inviting! I understand you had a great tour, and this is one of the places I would have visited if I lived over there. Thank you for the beautiful tour!

  5. Tina Schell

    Wonderful choices this week Rusha. I love that you chose them by color and your opening image gave us a nice perspective on the size of the rock formation. Zion is a great example of earth’s majesty. Do you suppose WAAAAYYYY back when, our ancestors thought of petroglyphs as graffiti?! 😊

  6. WanderingCanadians

    The landscape at Zion National Park looks beautiful with all the interesting rock formations and colours. That must have been neat to see the petroglyphs and learn about the connection of the area with the people who lived here many many years agos.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      It was a good trip: much to see and a crafts show, too!!! I wanted a handmade knife but would have no idea what to do with one!!! We love happening upon something unusual. Thanks for taking a look at these formations. They’re even better in person!

  7. Toonsarah

    I love this sort of landscape – the orange glow of the rocks really leaps out of your images! I’ve visited some of these places but not the Valley of Fire which looks incredible. If ever I’m in that region again I’ll be sure to include it on the itinerary. Thanks for introducing me to it 🙂

  8. Wind Kisses

    The colors are brilliant. The rocks tell so many interesting stories. Very cool. We will be in valley of the fire this week, pending some back stuff with my husband. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Your photos make me want to run there now.

      1. Wind Kisses

        Fun. I’m looking forward to it. Funny to think petroglyphs are pretty commonplace here in AZ. Interestingly enough because there is still so much unknown about them it’s alway fun to TRY to figure in out. Ancient blogging, isn’t it?

  9. Amy

    These orange and golden colors of NP, valley, and landscape are majestic. To be able to see earth stories told by civilizations long before our time is quite moving. Thank you for this grand tour through your lens, Rusha.

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