Discover Prompt 24: Elixir

Kiawah emerging light of sunrise sams

There are moments when the elixir of life rises to such over−brimming splendor that the soul spills over.

Henry Miller

I used to sleep in on our vacations to the beach, a luxury for a working mother of two. But that was before I discovered what really happens on beaches before dawn.

Nowadays, I need no prompting to hop up early. I throw on anything that goes with flip-flops and head out with coffee in hand, camera slung over my shoulder. And I wait as the drama begins.

First, that beautiful glow from below the horizon that washes houses and sand dunes in soft pinks and pale oranges.

Then — quick before I almost miss it — the first peek of wash-over orange lights up the sky.

And suddenly, full-on light bathes the world in crimson with a tiny, brilliant yellow focal point barely, just barely, peeking out to start the day.

But quick before I might miss the ta-dah moment, the sun’s up. Just like that. And on the move.

It’s my last chance to capture the main event as full-on light floods the camera, blinding me with the elixir of dawn at the beach.

And almost with the let-down you feel when a concert has ended, I turn the other way, check out who’s out there with me, and head back inside. Smiling, of course.

That’s the way morning plays out at Kiawah Island, South Carolina.


30 thoughts on “Discover Prompt 24: Elixir

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  2. Sylvia Bacon

    Such beautiful pictures of a morning sunset on Kiawah!! It is a special Island.
    Should you have a chance to return between now and the end of summer, female Loggerhead turtles are nesting on the beach now and the babies will hatch in a couple of months!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I would love to wake up one morning and see tracks to and from the ocean as I’ve only seen once. We’ve also watched the team who moves nests in dangerous spots over to new places. Just a wonderful experience. Thanks for commenting. You are in a special place indeed!

  3. Curt Mekemson

    Sunrise and sunset, always the perfect time to visit a beach, especially when clouds and glorious colors are involved. Always love the way the sun is reflected off of the sand, Rusha. You captured it well. –Curt

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much. I’ve found that in blogging and posting in social media that people are drawn to sunrises and sunsets no matter how many they’ve seen. Must be a universal love of beaches, sun, beauty, etc. I’m drawn to them as well. Hope you’re staying safe.

  4. tappjeanne

    Those are beautiful photos of the sunrise, Rusha. They are like great art (the art of our Maker!). You should have some of them printed and framed!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much for taking a look. I guess all mornings with sunrises are special, but when you only get a few of these per year, they become very special! Thanks for rising and shining with me!

  5. kzmcb

    Glorious colours and great build-up. I’ve always been a dawn person, so perhaps in my retirement (when it comes) I will learn how to sleep in.
    The photos won’t be half as good, though.

      1. kzmcb

        I completely agree. My best memories are from beaches and it’s my go-to place. I’m very luck to live 15mins from one. I hope you are close to one, too, for when you need the real thing.

      2. Oh, the Places We See

        We are at least 8 hours from a beach, so that’s why we rarely get to stay there. Would love to live closer, but I appreciate every morning I can see a sight like this!

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