Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #88: Chaos

The only order in the universe is just a cycle of calm and chaos. –Toba Beta With over four million motorcycles in Hanoi, it’s not surprising that rush hour is sheer chaos. Zipping through crowded streets, dodging slow-poke bicyclists and pedestrians, and holding on to children who frequently stand and watch the chaos is just […]

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Postponed: Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon

Staving off those Social Distancing Blues

Interesting times, right? Everything around us seems to be closing and a lot of what was on TV, like sporting events and tournaments, is just not there . . . at least for the short term. In Knoxville, we find schools closed, church services suspended, and events canceled or postponed like the St. Patrick’s Day […]

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Inside Viking Sky

We’re beginning a new series of travel based upon another first for us: an ocean cruise on Viking Sky! We were delighted when Viking’s “Cities of Antiquity & The Holy Land” worked into our schedule, and, as ancient history lovers (well, we took a course or two in college, if that counts), we were off […]

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