Discover Prompt 30: Grateful

The final day for writing based on the one-word Discover Prompts is finally here! And I must say, I’ve enjoyed the exercise of daily writing and trying to find photos to match the themes.

Today’s word is Grateful, so here goes.

I’m grateful that . . .

  • Elton John has rescheduled his Knoxville concert originally set for June 6, 2020 to some time in 2021. (Thanks, Rocketman!)
  • none of my favorite grocery stores ran out of coffee during the quarantine.
  • we’re retired and don’t have to work from home in cramped quarters, don’t have to home school our kids, and don’t have to barricade ourselves in a closet to squeeze in some “me time.” We’re good.
  • I have enough ball caps that I can wear to hide my shaggy locks and silver roots.
  • I didn’t weigh myself on the first day of the quarantine, so I’ll never know how much poundage I’ve put on!

But seriously, folks. Bert and I are fortunate — all the time, really, but especially during this pandemic.

We’re grateful for . . .

  • family and friends who have checked on us by phone, FaceTime, text and email (and who love us no matter how shaggy we look).
  • professionals who go above and beyond to provide services — not because they’re paid to do so, but because they love what they do and the people they serve. (I’m thinking educators, health care professionals, day care workers, service industry folks, news gatherers and reporters, grocery store employees, and the list goes on.)
  • good health so we can continue to travel, see the sites we love to photograph, and meet people around the world as well as in our own hometown
  • strong faith and the people who help us stay grounded by providing internet church services and religious music on Sundays.
  • and the someone who loves us unconditionally even when we’re stir crazy, sleep deprived, and wanting to stream something we’re just not into.

Thank, WordPress, for the April Discover Prompts and the opportunity to connect with many creative, interested bloggers and readers.

We’re grateful!

Rusha Sams

6 thoughts on “Discover Prompt 30: Grateful

      1. Miriam Hurdle

        I know, Rusha. I regularly have volunteered work and meetings and classes and chorale and travel too. I cancelled my trip to see the birth of my second granddaughter!

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