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The art of Diana Dee: Dogwood Arts Art DeTour 2015

Art DeTour, an annual event of Knoxville’s Dogwood Arts Festival  has become a don’t-miss-this-if-you-can-help-it tradition for us.  We block out this weekend each year because it’s a rare invitation to see the inside of an artist’s studio and get to know … Continue reading

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Art DeTour: Melanie Wood

Note to readers:  We are re-publishing this post from May 12, 2012, on the Art DeTour we took visiting the lovely studio and home of artist Melanie Wood.  Her home is open again for Dogwood Art DeTour 2015 on April … Continue reading

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Teachers can paint: Art Source 2015

Yes, teachers can paint.  And sculpt.  And put together interesting collages.  And all the while help little kids who spill paint, can’t think of anything to draw, and would not like to clean up even though the bell is about … Continue reading

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Lavender Festival 2012: Aromatic Delight!

Reposting so that you can see what’s in store if you attend the 16th Annual Lavender Festival in Historic Jackson Square, Oak Ridge, Tennessee this Saturday, June 21 from 8 to 3. Click here for more information. I could almost … Continue reading

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From teapots to turned wood, don’t miss Florida Craftsmen in St. Pete!

Sometimes sisters are right.  Really right.  But I had no idea my sister, a long-time resident of St. Petersburg, Florida, knew how “right” she was when she leaned over at us while dining at Ricky P’s (1113 Central Avenue) and … Continue reading

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Art for KARM at Strata-G Jubilee

Anytime art and food are paired for an evening to benefit a worthy recipient, you can count us in!  And so it was that when Knoxville artist Mike Berry emailed an invitation to attend Strata-G Jubilee at the Emporium on … Continue reading

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A Word a Week Challenge: Metallic

When I saw the Word a Week Challenge for this week with the word METALLIC, I remembered something that caught my eye this past January. I was driving from the Las Vegas Strip on I-15 to a school in Clark … Continue reading

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Seven swanky lobbies to see: Vegas hotels (Part Two)!

Come to think of it, selecting just seven hotels from all that Vegas has to offer is a daunting task, to be sure.  But thinking of which ones we’d like to see again, these really are our top sites to … Continue reading

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Culture awaits you: Arts in the Airport!

Since flying has become my transportation of choice lately, I find that I have definite airport preferences:  I like quality shops, local and gourmet restaurants along with fast food, a Starbucks in every terminal, and art.  Yes, I’m drawn to … Continue reading

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Three Sisters Tour: You never know who you’ll meet at the Don Gaspar, Santa Fe

Serendipity, by definition (I suppose), comes in many forms.  It was serendipitous that we would happen upon three inns owned by David and Shirley Alford all within the pathway we took from Farmington, New Mexico, up to Durango, Colorado, and … Continue reading

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