Discover Prompt 2: Open

The word open literally opens the door to images concrete and literal: a barely open door leading to who knows where, a neon sign that says OPEN (when most businesses are shut these days), an open mouth speaking frankly (or maybe even too vehemently), an institution open to all comers . . . or not.

Opening up after a gentle rain, a lilac bloom shows off delicate blooms.

But mostly I thought about the intrigue of something barely open. Do we have more of a fascination with things that are only partly open to our eyes or open to interpretation? Does a cracked-open door have more mystery than a door fully open? Does the anticipation right before sunrise on a beach take our breath away more than the full open shining sun in the sky? And is there a time when being barely open with someone is preferable to the blatant openness that occurs when someone voices his opinion openly and bluntly?

A barely open White Star White Magnolia inviting you to look inside or come back later for the full show.

And so I choose for today’s Discover Prompts challenge flowers in my yard that are interesting because they’re barely open. And it is this same “barely openness” that makes me return daily, sometimes even hourly, to see nature unfolding into full-blown spring.

In various stages of openness, a pink flowering quince opens up to viewers.

Yes, for me, barely open holds as much, if not more, intrigue and interest than full-on, in-your-face, wide-as-wide-can-be open.

Rusha Sams

Day 2 of Discover Prompts: A new challenge for April is unfolding this week: Discover Prompts. With a one-word starter, we share our interpretation with readers and share photos. I’m looking forward to the challenges and to seeing all sorts of interpretations, pictures, and new ideas unfolding!

20 thoughts on “Discover Prompt 2: Open

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    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thank you for taking a look at my post and for making a comment. I’m not going to comment on my mind, because I’m not always sure what state of mind I’m in. But the word OPEN really triggered something, and I’m still thinking of all the ways it could have been written about. In fact, I’m pretty open to all sorts of interpretations!

      1. Oh, the Places We See

        I love using my iPhone since it fits in a jeans pocket! I find lovely flowers on my daily walks, and the camera’s handy. Take care. Stay safe. And know that practice with a camera relieves boredom for some of us!!!

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