Help us decide: Capture the Colour 2013 — RED

It’s been a fun week looking through photos, posting three a day focused on a single color, and receiving notes and feedback from readers who took the time to help us decide.  And now, we’re down to the last color (red!) for the Capture the Colour 2013 Photo Challenge.  After being nominated by Terri and James Vance of Gallivance (Click here to see their entry.), we’ve been posting pics in the hopes that you, our readers, would narrow the field of photos to our top five.  And you have.

Just take a look at the pictures and select your favorite by posting a comment below or on Facebook.  We’re in the home stretch and will be making our final selections this weekend.

Here are three photographs for the red category.

Today’s Vote: RED

1. Welcome to Nepal


Upon our arrival in Nepal to build two mud and stone houses for Habitat for Humanity International, we were greeted by ladies dressed in red bearing strings of marigolds to lay around our necks.  Surprisingly, they also brought a red gloppy concoction which they scooped up and smudged onto our foreheads.  Namaste, they said.  And then we knew.  We weren’t family, of course, but we were as welcome as any Americans could be.

2. Simply Elegant Tapestry


It was difficult to find something understated in the Hermitage (St. Petersburg, Russia), but this simple, yet exquisite, red tapestry was as classy a piece as any we saw.  Simply elegant.  Simply divine.

3. Dancers in Breaux Bridge


Standing still next to a guy wearing a red Peace, Love & Cajuns shirt and a lady brushing by in a crimson swingy, swirling skirt was no easy task for a neophyte photographer.  In fact, just about everyone at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival (Breaux Bridge, Louisiana) was movin’ and groovin’  — unless they were busy racing mudbugs and “suckin’ dem heads!”

Please take a minute to vote in the Comments section below.

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Many thanks for your support and ideas!

Rusha and Bert Sams

18 thoughts on “Help us decide: Capture the Colour 2013 — RED


    Looks Like I’m going with the crowd on this one Rusha. #1 is my vote as well. It also helps to know that you were being welcomed by these two ladies, and they have on their Sunday best. Well done. ~James

  2. Trisha Clark

    Red— my vote is # 1!!!! I love this picture-absolutely beautiful!!!
    It screams RED!! I like to look for the color throughout the photo. I see 2 very small red flowers up on the hill on the right side of the photo.

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