Help us decide: Capture the Colour 2013 — Green

Yesterday, we had an overwhelming response to our “help us decide” blogs!  Thanks! Many of you responded to our request to take a look at three posts offering three different photographs on the colors blue, yellow, and white.  You voted, and we’re hoping to finalize our entry this week to submit to the Capture the Colour 2014 Photo Challenge after being nominated by Terri and James Vance of Gallivance. (Click here for their entry.)

If you’ve missed any of the photographs, the links to the previous posts are at the bottom.  The photo challenge requires an entry for each of five colors: blue, yellow, white, green, and red.

Today’s photos are GREEN, and we again invite you to look at our pictures and vote for one by either commenting below or on Facebook.  Thanks so much for your participation.  And now, here are today’s photos for your review.

Today’s Vote: GREEN

1. Singapore Fish Spa

11.09 Singapore 125

At the Singapore Night Safari, visitors can view nocturnal animals, ride a tram through the zoo, or soak their feet in a green tank while fairly aggressive little fish nibble off dead skin! Oooh, it tickles, some exclaimed, but the paying customers weren’t the only ones giggling and pointing.  We were all turning green watching the catch of the day!

2. Greens for Goats


While boarding my bus in rural Nepal, I noticed something coming down the road.  Hurriedly, I fumbled through my bag to grab my camera just in time to snap this lady and her strapped-on bundle of leaves and sticks.  And then she was gone — moving nimbly up the mountainside to her home. It’s really quite common, the local interpreter told us.  All the women here gather greenery for their goats.

3. A November Walk at Catherine Palace


With just a hint of fall turning green leaves ever so gently into gold, we followed other strolling visitors around the grounds of Catherine Palace in the town of Pushkin, Russia.

Remember, all you have to do to vote for your favorite GREEN photo is leave us a comment below.

And if you missed any of the other posts, we’d still love to have your feedback and opinions.

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We appreciate your vote!

Rusha and Bert Sams

20 thoughts on “Help us decide: Capture the Colour 2013 — Green

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    1. Rusha Sams

      You are too nice! I may have already responded to you but I’m not sure. I have two sets of comments — one in email, one in WordPress. At any rate, thanks for your continued support!


    Nice selection Rusha. #2 gets my vote. I’m always amazed at the weight that people (frequently women) can carry with their heads and necks. Also, I wonder about the long term effects. Some orthopedic doctor will see this photo and flip out (or want to move the practice to Nepal). ~James

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