Create a spooky house using distressedfx

It all happened quite by accident.  Bert and I were riding around the area near Stockton Springs, Maine, taking pictures of stately, old New England clapboard houses.  We love plain homes best, but often point out to each other houses with unique architectural details — you know, like arches and corbels and odd-shaped windows.

Recently, I downloaded an app called distressedfx, created some artsy pictures using the simple click operations, and then posted them on social media.  I thought, why not make this gothic white house a little creepy using distressedfx?  I snapped the picture and played with the app.  And in a matter of minutes, a simple picture of a grand old house  became a haunted mansion complete with flying creatures and creepy lighting.

My favorite spooky house for Halloween, with the help of distressedfx.

Want a creepy house for Halloween?  Here’s how you do it.

First, download the distressedfx app to your phone.  

2.  Then take a picture of a house.  It doesn’t have to be a spooky house to begin with . . . just a normal house, but one with good bones and a strong presence.

This home and attached tourist court was closed for the winter. But it was a lovely candidate for a turning a photo into a piece of art with distressedfx.

3.  Try a simple color filter first.  But if you don’t like it, you just delete and go back to the original.

House photo with only a color filter from distressedfx.

House photo with only a color filter from distressedfx.

4.  Add a distressing filter to add texture to your photo.  This one will really “age” the home.

5.  If you wish, add birds!  That’s right, birds — a flock or a few.  And move them to the position you like best.

This photo has a color filter, textured overlay, and additional birds from distressedfx.

This photo has a color filter, textured overlay, and additional birds from distressedfx.

6.  Adjust light, color, and intensity with effects as strong or as mild as you wish.

And here’s my final product.  I eliminated the color filter but left the texture.  Just a few birds looks frightening enough.

And this is the final product — after several changes. (How fun is this!)

Post your creation on social media and wish your peeps a Happy Halloween with a spooky house you made yourself! Enjoy!

–Rusha Sams

For more information:

Watch the YouTube video on distressedfx.

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      1. Curt Mekemson

        Scary they are, Rusha. 🙂 If you travel up the Sonoma County Coast where “The Birds” was filmed at this time of the year, the birds are always gathering. I’ve been there many times over the years and I always think about the movie! –Curt

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