Tiny retail shops and The Old Church: Magnolia expands in Waco

Magnolia retail shops, Waco, TX
Magnolia complex signs, Waco, TX

We didn’t consider ourselves strangers in Waco, Texas, even though we’d never been there. After all, we’ve been Fixer Upper fans and watchers of Chip and Joanna Gaines for several years, so we felt right at home in Waco standing at the Silos. But the chance to visit the actual city blocks with relatives brought us to a new realization: Waco’s growing!

With the purchase of additional space downtown, Chip and Joanna refurbished and, at times, built new places at the original silos on the property: Silos Baking Company, Magnolia Home, and Magnolia Market. Their newest additions opened the week we visited (October, 2020) on the grounds of the Silos: two rows of tiny shops and a renovated chapel.

Outside patio, Magnolia markets, Waco, TX
The Gaines have made waiting and relaxing pretty special in this outside oasis in Waco, TX.

Long lines of people enduring 100-plus degree heat meant one thing: Magnolia shoppers are a breed to be reckoned with.

Waco, TX: Magnolia markets
Lines formed quickly on opening day of the retail shops at the Silos in Waco, Texas

We had time to visit only two shops since wait time filled up most of our afternoon. But what we saw was impressive. The stationery shop held watercolors, signs with words to live by, and leather-covered journals all in one tiny little place.

A women’s clothing shop offered signature dresses — plain and prairie-like — that we wished we could have seen on models like Joanna Gaines herself. (But no Joanna, even though it was opening day. We heard she came the following day for the “official” opening.)

Dresses in Magnolia shops of Waco, TX
A shopper checks out dresses in the new retail shops at the Silos in Waco

A keystone piece of architecture for the new square is The Old Church, an old but endearing building found in Waco and renovated by the Gaines. It was Joanna who first saw the potential. But we’re pretty sure it took all hands on deck to build a new foundation on Magnolia property, dismantle the original building, move the old church to the new site in the complex, and renovate while maintaining the structure’s integrity. Be sure to read “New at the Silos: The Old Church” for detailed pictures of the move and this amazing renovation.

The Old Church, Magnolia markets, Waco, TX
The Old Church, Waco, Texas

In many ways, it’s hard to tell what was part of the original structure and what was new. But one thing’s certain: this sweet piece now has a home where people can worship in a vintage architectural gem.

Even locked doors can be unlocked in time.

Joanna Gaines

While you’re thinking Waco, be sure to check out our other posts on Waco, Texas, and click on this picture of my brother-in-law to see where we stayed while visiting the city.

Kitchen, My 100 Year Old Waco Home
Our AirBnB owned by Leslie Saeta in Waco, Texas

We invite you to stop back by if you want to read about our encounter with Jimmy Don, owner and founder of JDH Iron Works in our next post. Until then, keep dreaming of shopping at Magnolia — just because it’s fun!

Travel Texas,

Rusha & Bert

5 thoughts on “Tiny retail shops and The Old Church: Magnolia expands in Waco

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  2. Tina Schell

    Looks like great fun Rusha. Must admit I don’t watch the show but I did enjoy the visit vicariously 😀. It does, however, look like the people in the line are awfully close for comfort!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      You’re so right, Tina — too close! I guess many didn’t realize how deadly this virus would be in a matter of weeks. Thanks for taking a look — Waco is an interesting place, a destination for many!

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