Shopping Magnolia Market in Waco, TX

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The world needs who you were made to be.

Sign in Magnolia Market, Waco, TX

It goes without saying that Chip and Joanna Gaines are stars. After all, they’ve renovated countless homes in Waco, Texas, for the HGTV network show “Fixer Upper.” But it didn’t stop there.

The Silos, Waco, TX - Chip & Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna purchased several city blocks near two old silos, converting the properties into a shopping mecca where droves of tourists like us take the trolley to Magnolia Market at the Silos and hunt for simple, yet elegant, home goods and clothing made popular on the show. Joanna’s good taste is everywhere — from the simple black-and-white-and-tan color scheme to the textured pillows and baskets, perked up with nature’s greens.

Greenery on sale at Magnolia Market, Waco TX

Magnolia Market is just one of several buildings that hold home decor treasures selected or designed by the Gaines. And when we visited in October 2020, a few favorites caught our eye.

But Joanna is not just a designer and Chip her handyman. They’re both sages of sorts, delivering genuine, down-home takes on what brings joy and happiness into a home. Some of those quotes made it into the book, The Magnolia Story.

“I always thought that the “thriving” would come when everything was perfect, and what I learned is that it’s actually down in the mess that things get good.”

Joanna Gaines, in The Magnolia Story

“It’s up to us to choose contentment and thankfulness now—and to stop imagining that we have to have everything perfect before we’ll be happy.”

Joanna Gaines, The Magnolia Story

If you get a chance to shop in downtown Waco, get inside all the shops from Silos Baking Company to Magnolia Home to Magnolia Market. Or if you can’t travel right now, you may want to check out the new Discovery+ streaming that also includes Joanna’s new cooking show, “Magnolia Table.”

Magnolia Table cookbooks, Magnolia Market, Waco TX

There’s more than just goods for sale in downtown Waco, Texas — there’s a glimpse into a wholesome approach to living that we all may need right now!

See Waco,

Rusha & Bert

P. S. We received no compensation for this post. We just loved our day in Waco!

16 thoughts on “Shopping Magnolia Market in Waco, TX

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  2. Grammy Writes

    I’d love to visit Magnolia Market some day! My home needs some fresh, new things… not to mention how wonderful a glimpse into ANYTHING wholesome would be right now!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      You’re making me remember something I should have included in the post — the website where you can order. I think if you click the one for Magnolia Market, it will get you there. Lots of things to take your money — but I like them all!

      1. Curt Mekemson

        If I am just browsing, Rusha, a good book store would definitely take precedence. But if I have something specific in mind, then I am more than willing to walk up and down the aisles. 🙂 On occasion I am happy to check out what’s being offered just for the heck of it however. –Curt

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