Silos Baking Company and famous last words!

The Silos, Waco, TX - Chip & Joanna Gaines

“Sure. Let’s go see what this place looks like. I saw it on HGTV. But I’m telling you: I’m not buying anything. Watching my weight, you know.”

Magnolia Silos Baking Co, Waco TX

Well, you can guess how that turned out. It was our first day in downtown Waco, Texas, at the Magnolia complex.

And now, since Discovery+ network has just become available for streaming, we thought this would be a good time to show you a few great places in that little city made famous by Chip and Joanna Gaines. (New series of Magnolia Table aired January 4, 2021.)

Silos Baking Co. Waco, TX, Chip & Joanna Gaines

First things first: Silos Baking Company.

The dream of owning a bakery stemmed completely from Joanna’s love of baking and cooking. From a young age, Joanna delighted in spending time with her family in the kitchen. There, she learned the trade secrets to her homemade chocolate cake, Syrian donuts, chocolate chip cookies, pies and more.

History: Silos Baking Company

We thought we wouldn’t be buying anything to eat — we were just looking at the properties — on this hot, hot day in Texas. Even with the heat, though, flower boxes were beautifully planted and maintained — with pansies, no less, that usually wilt in the summer.

Flower boxes, Silos Baking Company, Waco, TX

Inside, it was just as we expected. With that impeccable good-taste style Joanna Gaines brings to every place she touches, the bakery sports white subway tiles, black cabinetry and treasured herringbone floors that workmen set in place on the show “Fixer Upper.”

Inside Silos Baking Co. in Waco, TX - Chip & Joanna Gaines

Rounding out the look in Silos Baking Company are antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces gleaned from Joanna’s jaunts about town searching for special items to display and some of the original brick walls.

Vintage pieces, Silos Baking Co, Waco, TX

Neatly stocked cabinets hold mugs, cookie decorating kits, and Joanna’s cookbook, Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering, for sale.

Cookbooks at Silos Baking Co, Waco, TX, Chip & Joanna Gaines

And workers smiled even though they were so busy they hardly had time to breathe let alone take pictures of tourists from Tennessee — but they did anyway.

Sams at Silos Baking Co, Waco, TX

After standing in line still affirming that we wouldn’t be purchasing anything, we came, we saw, and we succumbed — by ordering two signature Silo Cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with peanut blueberry muffin crumbles), two Nuts & Bolts (vanilla cupcakes filled with pecans and walnuts, topped with cream cheese icing and nut crumble) and two Prize Pigs — Joanne’s signature buttery biscuits filled with bacon, cheddar and chives. You can guess whether we ate them on the spot or saved them for next day’s breakfast. I’m not telling.

Silo cookies, Silos Baking Co, Waco TX

We had gone in expecting a tastefully decorated building (check!) but we came out with oh, so much more, especially when you consider service was impeccable and friendly!

Server at Silos Baking Co, Waco, TX

Stay tuned. Silos Baking Company was only our first stop. There’s more Waco to come!

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Rusha & Bert

17 thoughts on “Silos Baking Company and famous last words!

  1. Timothy

    Small world. Just took my boys down there yesterday. We saw the silos several weeks ago on one of my photo trips downtown, and my youngest wanted to go to them. We didn’t know they belonged to Waco’s famous couple. We just saw them from a distance. I figured they were nothing but junk. Ha!

    Finally got around to taking him down there yesterday. I had already discovered they were more than just a couple of old silos. We liked the silos, but the rest of it was not much use to us. As for pictures, I will have some on my blog in the days to come. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  3. Curt Mekemson

    I admit to having a weakness when it comes to bakeries, Rusha! They’re kind of like books stores: fun to browse but you can’t help buying. At least I can’t. The smells alone in a bakery drive me to the counter. And I am of the firm belief that you buy something for immediate consumption and some for breakfast the next day! Why limit yourself! 🙂 –Curt

  4. Greenglobaltrek

    Wonderful! Love the silos and how they have been converted. The interior of that bakery is fabulous. Love all the attention to detail and the ultimate aesthetic simplicity. Ahhh the descriptions of those treats has my mouth watering. I’d have eaten those in one sitting!



    Rusha, I love all the names for the sweet treats – especially Nuts & Bolts. Perfect! I would love to visit the Silos, and now you’ve given me the incentive. 🙂 ~Terri

  6. Bob Barnett

    for some reason all these photos were upside down in the email. they are correct on the WordPress site. Computers, don’t we have lots of reasons to love and hate them.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thank you for letting me know. I’ve been round and round with WordPress. For a while, it seemed like all was working. But I guess that’s not the case anymore. It happens to photos taken with my iPhone. I get an extension when I download the that includes the word “rotated.” I’m literally beside myself.
      Thanks for letting me know. I may send your comment to them.

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