Goldy’s in Boise: Breakfast that sticks with you

Snowy day in Boise

Some people would hate to be snowed in, especially if they’re staying in a hotel in an unfamiliar city. But for us, it was part of the dream we shared on our About page:  We’d love to spend a month downtown in various cities and be tourists all day every day!  (We can dream, right?)

So, when an unexpected snowstorm covered Boise, Idaho, closing schools (where I work) and some businesses, we just looked at each other and grinned.  It was our chance! Donning all the warm clothing we’d packed, we went in search of adventure.  First up, breakfast.

Sculptures in the snow, Boise

Sculptures in the snow, downtown Boise

A gentleman dressed in business attire braving the elements to get to the office answered our query about where locals would eat: Oh, you’ve got to go to Goldy’s.  It’s the best breakfast anywhere downtown.  Little did we know how right he was.

Sign: Goldy's in Boise

On this snowy day, Goldy’s was packed!  Owner Wanda Martinat, who with her husband Randy opened the restaurant in 1999, spread open the draperies blocking the cold from the front door and welcomed us to the warmth, comfort, and eclectic close-knit interior of Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro.

Interior of Goldy's in Boise

Goldy’s warm, welcoming interior. Check out that chandelier!

After a brief wait, we were directed upstairs to the balcony section where our table for two offered us a front-row seat to the action downstairs.

Balcony view: Goldy's in Boise

Balcony view: Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro

We have no idea what the ratio of waiters to customers is, but it seemed two to one. Coffee flowed, menus arrived, and orders were taken in record time.

Waiter: Goldy's in Boise

“Been workin’ at Goldy’s for 13 years,” our waiter told us!

And then the food rushed in!  Bountiful breakfasts any way you like it.  In fact, the Create Your Own Breakfast page offers three columns of choices: Meat, Potatoes, and Bread. Eggs, too, any way you like ’em:  Soft Boiled, Poached, or Basted.  And meats we’d never heard of — Basque Chorizo (large Basque community in Boise), Turkey Apple Sausage, and Maple Sausage — and specials like PEPS (Goldy’s cheese, peppers, and onions) and Bread Pudding Muffins filled the menu.  Another whole page offered Hollandaise Specialties like this new-to-us item: Spicy Chicken Benny with English muffin, chicken, spicy Hollandaise sauce, and bacon!!! Round all this out with entrees like Spinach and Italian Cheese Frittata or Smoked Salmon Hash, and you have a diner unparalleled in all of Boise — not just downtown!

Bert couldn’t resist the three-egg omelet with hash browns and sausage.

Three-egg omelet with sausage and hash browns

Goldy’s three-egg omelet with sausage and hash browns

And I dug into a huge stack of Blueberry Pancakes with blueberries all the way through.

Big blueberry pancakes with syrup

Big blueberry pancakes with syrup

We even returned the next day and ordered the special:  Cajun Sausage Omelet . . .

Cajun sausage omelet at Goldy's

Cajun sausage omelet at Goldy’s

And Corned Beef Hash with Basted Eggs.

Goldy's corned beef hash with basted eggs

Goldy’s corned beef hash with basted eggs

Awards pour in for Goldy’s (Click here to read awards/reviews), and it’s no wonder.  With great service and unique menu, Goldy’s is a hit with locals and tourists like us.

Goldy's awards from Boise Weekly

Stumbling onto Goldy’s was our good luck. And now we say If Guy Fieri returns to Boise, he’d want to share the place on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives! In fact, Goldy’s can make anyone’s day.


Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro

108 S. Capitol Blvd.

Boise, ID 83702


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12 thoughts on “Goldy’s in Boise: Breakfast that sticks with you

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  2. FreeRangeCow

    Rusha! When we saw Willie Nelson last summer, we waited for over an hour to experience this place. It was WELL worth it. Even cooler? We sat at that table you pictured. I LOVE this world!

    1. Rusha Sams

      You picked a great place to dine even if you did have to wait. Now about Willie Nelson . . . was he in Boise doing a concert? And you got to go? Did Chloe go, too? Soooo jealous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tina Schell

    You’ve done our favorite thing – “ask the locals” !! They ALWAYS know the best spots which are seldom featured in the darned tourist/hotel recommendations. Goldy’s looks Fantastic!!!

    1. Rusha Sams

      It was a find, indeed! And it was one of those local spots where everything worked: service, food, ambiance. Wish I were having breakfast there now!

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