On the move: Ft. Worth Stockyards

Rodeo tribute: Ft. Worth Stockyards

Our last stop in Texas had us following the website advice: “kick up your heels” in Ft. Worth Stockyards Historic District. And if you like all things old, new, and cowboy, too . . . well, you’re in luck!

Cross-Eyed Moose

A short walk from Springhill Suites Ft. Worth Stockyards (a stay we heartily recommend) you’ll be greeted by vintage, antiques, and Western funk — all in Cross-Eyed Moose. And if they don’t have it all, you really don’t need it. Hunt for Native American blankets, skulls, buttons and dolls. From smooth to fuzzy to iron-hard spurs, we dare you to keep your hands off the goods.

Lucchese, Ft. Worth Stockyards

But if your heart yearns for the finest, the newest, the best-made Western wear, you gotta stop at Lucchese. The website assures you that Lucchese has been “celebrating craftmanship and the adventurous spirit since 1883,” but there’s nothing like rubbing your fingers across hand-tooled leather or pulling on boots that last a lifetime because you love ’em enough to wear ’em for life! It’s not just boots any more. Look for purses, beaded bracelets, belts and key fobs. If it’s fine Western gear you’re after, drink in the best.

E. Exchange Avenue, Ft. Worth Stockyards

A stroll through the stockyards puts you squarely in front of rodeo buildings and rodeo kings.

Ft. Worth Stockyards rodeo central

and the Texas Trail of Fame

Annie Oakley tribute, Ft. Worth Stockyards, Texas Trail of Fame

Ft. Worth Stockyards Herd Cattle Drive

But two times a day (11:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.) you can soak up the ultimate experience: Ft. Worth Stockyards Herd Cattle Drive.

Leader Ft. Worth Herd Cattle Drive

Get there early for a front-of-the-sidewalk spot and wait ’til you see the big deal: steers (Yep, real ones!) promenading from the stockyards down the main street! And be sure to bring the kids for up-close looks at cowboys, cattle, and all things Texas.

Ft. Worth Herd Cattle Drive 2, Ft. Worth Stockyards

Of course, if you’re a kid at heart, they’ll let you raise your best rodeo arm and act like you know what you’re doing!

Riding the bull in Ft. Worth Stockyards

For updated events (Rodeos are back, by the way) in Ft. Worth Stockyards, check out the website, and also book yourself a Western dinner to remember at Cattlemen’s Steak House. (Rib-eyes for us!)

Step into the West!

Ft. Worth Stockyards Historic District

If a trip to Texas is in your future, circle Ft. Worth Stockyards on your map, read the history, and plan your trip. It’s a great stop not far from the Waco sites we visited — and a taste of the historic Texas you’ve always heard about. If you’re thinking of traveling again, grab hold of Ft. Worth!

Travel Western,

Rusha & Bert

This ends our series on Waco and Ft. Worth Stockyards. We invite you take a look at all the posts — but we really hope you’ll go see for yourself. Texas just might be your next destination!

18 thoughts on “On the move: Ft. Worth Stockyards

  1. Junie-Jesh

    We moved from California in August to Texas. Oh what a different world! Last weekend we went out to Fredericksburg and (LyndonB)Johnson city.also west to a park where we saw the Longhorn cows. The horns seemed shorter in our images than your captures! anyways, we haven’t been in Forth Worth yet, so we are looking at a nice outing possibility:) Jesh

  2. Toonsarah

    Cross-Eyed Moose looks like the sort of shop I could lose myself in for hours, and the leather boots in the other shop are just beautiful 🙂 Love the longhorn cattle too!

  3. Amy

    These are wonderful photos of Ft Worth. The Stockyards Herd Cattle Drive is a lot of fun, we saw a bunch of cattle last time. 🙂

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