Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #131 – Emotions

Vietnam: bringing chickens to market

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

Charles Spurgeon

For this week’s challenge, Patti (P.A. Moed) asked for pictures showing emotions. “Easy,” I thought. But then I realized that most of the photos I take show people who are happy — happy at work or play, with family and friends, enjoying what they do.

Take this clay sculpture, for example — Eloise by Jane Longendorfer. She’s an emotive soul who seems happy, shocked, surprised, and outrageous just being herself!

“Eloise” by Jane Longendorfer

And here’s a fellow we remember from our trip to Lesotho. This smiling young man in Lesotho climbed out of a tree on his school playground to take a closer look at us and our camera. Did he mind having his picture made? Not that we could tell. He was just happy to meet us.

What are the odds that we would be seated in a very crowded deli in New York City next to this couple — just as he proposed to her. And, as you can see, she accepted! Two emotions here — happiness AND love. (Champagne all around for the four of us, compliments of the restaurant!)

When we travel, we love serendipity — like seeing people dancing on the street right in middle of the New Orleans French Quarter. Traffic stopped, zydeco music commenced, and this man flashed his life-doesn’t-get-any-better smile at us as he fancy-talked us into joining the fun!

we met in New Orleans. Badge says, "Work without love . . . is slavery."
About as happy and contented as any person we met in New Orleans. Badge says, “Work without love . . . is slavery.”

Now here’s a question: Can you find happiness in your work? This man can. He dyes leather in a tiny spot deep inside the Marrakech souks. Covered in who-knows-what, this hard-working Moroccan craftsman took time to share his skills with us and pose for a photo.

Dyer posing for picture: Marrakech medina
Dyer posing for picture: Marrakech medina

But not all the people we meet are happy. While his mom cleaned candlesticks for the family brass business in Vietnam, this little fella slumped down by some boxes, pouting with obvious boredom. We couldn’t decide if his isolation was self-imposed or a result of a mandate from mom and dad, but watching him brought back childhood memories of what we did before tech gadgets and streaming TV!

Finally, Dolly Parton makes my granddaughter and the whole state of Tennessee happy! In honor of her 75th birthday today, we say, “Happy Birthday, Dolly” — and thanks for bringing joy and heartfelt emotion to all.

Dolly Parton mural in an alley in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee

To see more posts on Patti’s challenge — Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #131: Emotions — head to her site. You’re sure to see something that will elicit some emotions of your own.

Rusha & Bert

Photo at top: Vietnamese woman — happy to bring her chickens to market and smile at the camera!

28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #131 – Emotions

  1. Leya

    Happy memories – mostly! Love the little Lesotho guy – a beautiful smile! And yes – a proposal! Now that must have been special – for all of you! Well chosen.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for your comments. Both photos brought joy to our lives. But just think of all the snapshots we didn’t take since we were in the moment rather than looking through a camera. Lots of them, I suppose!

  2. pattimoed

    This is fabulous, Rusha. I love the variety of emotions here and your wonderful portraits. I especially love the couple that was newly engaged and the little boy in Lesotho. Great post!

  3. Tina Schell

    Some wonderful choices this week Rusha – and a nice variety of emotions. The little boy was definitely an unhappy fellow which the young couple couldn’t have been happier! Nothing beats a chance encounter that results in a favorite image!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      It was so totally random and unexpected. We were seated at their table at a small restaurant where shared space is the norm. And as he proposed, we were silent and so very excited. A great little event for us; major one for them.

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