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Chef’s Table Tour offers a taste of Knoxville with a side of history!

In one three-hour span, you can tour downtown Knoxville, learn a bit of history, meet new friends and sample East Tennessee fare.  It’s all part of the Chef’s Table Tour, one of the offerings from East TN Tours combining food … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes: Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans

As iconic as the Café Du Monde in New Orleans is for us and other tourists, it presented something new this trip: a trip to the back of the restaurant to see “how it’s done”!   No visit to NOLA is … Continue reading

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Techie breakfast at MSP

Traveling acquaints us with what’s up and coming, so we were fascinated with the new (well, about a year and a half old) Terminal G in the Minneapolis- St. Paul International Airport (MSP).  Filled with booths and tables rather than … Continue reading

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“Puhleeze” butter my biscuits in Knoxville at the International Biscuit Festival!

This post was published on June 1, 2013, but we’re sharing it with you again just to whet your appetite!  The International Biscuit Festival returns to Knoxville, TN this weekend with big events — booths, vendors, music, and, of course, tasty … Continue reading

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Discovering Boise: Six places to eat you won’t find back home!

If you believe the huge sign hovering over the escalator at the Boise airport, you’d think this is just the City of Trees.  And it may well be.  But Boise may also be known as the City of Food!  We … Continue reading

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Goldy’s in Boise: Breakfast that sticks with you

Some people would hate to be snowed in, especially if they’re staying in a hotel in an unfamiliar city. But for us, it was part of the dream we shared on our About page:  We’d love to spend a month … Continue reading

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Five things to do in a day: St. Petersburg, Florida

Of course, we all want ample time to explore a city lined with mature, moss-filled trees. A city where world-class art museums, shops sporting local crafts, and hotels with beckoning porches await us.  A city like St. Petersburg, Florida. But … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Betty, the Vista Washer Woman, never catches a break!  By day, she rub-a-dub-dubs, moving her body with the rhythms of washing, washing, washing atop the Cucina di Paolo! sign on Vista Street in Boise, Idaho! Created by Andy Teague in … Continue reading

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Special family celebration? You need Ham ‘n Goodys!

For 35 years, we’ve treated ourselves and our family with some of the best baked goods in West Knoxville — at Ham ‘n Goodys!  As our go-to stop for tea cakes, fresh-baked cakes, and lemon cookies, we just naturally think … Continue reading

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Visiting Coeur d’Alene? Go up, up and away!

Whenever I think of Coeur d’Alene now, I think of the color blue, a color that defines this lovely town built on a dreamy blue lake in the middle of Idaho, a state known for its forest greens and soft … Continue reading

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