Even more to see: Brussels, Belgium

Street art: Brussels

We couldn’t end a tour of Brussels with a focus only on Grande-Place, even as memorable as that historic site is. There’s so much more to this capital city of Belgium, so we’re ending our Holland/Belgium tour with a few extra places to see and a signature food: Belgian chocolates!

The Cathedral of St. Michel and Gudula

As we’ve shown you in previous posts, we love touring European cathedrals, basilicas, and private places of worship. So, it’s no surprise that we’re leading you into Brussels with glimpses of a magnificent structure built in the 9th century, deserving of the title given by “10 Best Things for Couples to Do” as “one of the oldest buildings in Brussels.”

From the ornate sculptures on the outside to the peaceful, tall white vaulted ceilings, this church will put you at rest as you roam the interior. Take a closer look at the pulpit, spacious passageways, and columns. It’s within walking distance of Grande-Place, so it’s a short walk to see this worshipful, quiet place.

City Scenes

Brussels is vibrant. You can feel the energy as you walk the sidewalks, peer into windows, and mingle with locals and tourists alike.

Outdoor eating, Brussels
Sidewalk dining: Brussels

Don’t miss Brussels Park (aka City Park) with its fountains and tree-lined walkways or dip inside Galerie de la Reine to check out the fashions. Top it all off with sandwiches to go or coffee and a Belgian waffle eaten at a sidewalk table. It’s Brussels at its finest!

Street Art

A cat goes well with people and a bike goes well with the city.

Alain Sechas, artist/creator of La Cycliste
Cat on a bike: Brussels "La Cycliste"
Cat in the City (La Cycliste)

If you love street art, it doesn’t get any better than Brussels! From comic book murals to life-size sculptures to the everyone-has-to-see Manneken Pis and TinTin. Brussels is known for art! And you won’t have to go far to see it.

Belgian Chocolates

Neuhaus chocolates: Brussels

In the last few hours we spent in Brussels, we ended this dream trip making chocolates at Neuhaus. Ever since Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the Belgian praline in 1912, all Neuhaus chocolates have been made entirely in Belgium, and we were privy to their techniques (well, a little bit).

Thanks to Emily and her assistant, we learned how chocolates are made and decorated. We became chefs for the afternoon, adding sprinkles and nuts to fashion original treats. Eating, of course, was the best part.

The most fun? Sampling, sampling again, and buying chocolates for the folks back home.

Tasting Belgian waffles, Antwerp

We’re ending this series on Belgium and Holland with a thank-you to our readers. Traveling in two modes — a river cruise with Viking and a private tour with driver — may be something you’d like to try. It afforded us the opportunity to see many places in a short amount of time while making new friends with Viking, and then, with our guide, we had a chance to stroll leisurely and learn about the cities of Belgium one at a time. Whatever mode you try, here’s hoping you see places around the world in the way that suits you best.

Travel lively,

Rusha & Bert

This post is one in a series prompted by a recent trip to The Netherlands and Belgium. Thank you to Viking cruises (Holland & Belgium 2022) and our travel agent, Lauren Gunnels of Ortelius Travel Advisors, for the arrangements and free time to enjoy the scenery!

31 thoughts on “Even more to see: Brussels, Belgium

  1. Juliette

    What an amazing post! I’ve been living in Brussels for three years now and I have to admit that I have never been inside the cathedral – though I’ve passed by it countless times… Shame on me! I also didn’t know you could book such experiences with Neuhaus and will surely look into it for future gifts. I always get chocolates from them to bring back home and I think they’re the best! Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      You live in a beautiful place in the world — one with great experiences around every turn. I’d love a return trip to do just what we did before one more time, but, as you know, there are many, many more beautiful places to explore. Now get to that cathedral — it’s fabulous — and eat more chocolates. You’re in a great place!

  2. suzlearnsfrench

    I always enjoy your posts. Your pictures are really nice – something I struggle with when traveling. Do you use a camera or a phone? We just returned from a two month trip abroad and are missing Europe – so I’ll be spending the morning reading your posts. Suz (from the bluegrass state)

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for your kind comments. I use both types of cameras — an iPhone and a Canon EOS Rebel. For close-ups, I can’t beat the Canon. But the iPhone works just as well to take photos of buildings and the beach, two of my favorite subjects! Wishing you all the best!

  3. travelgarb

    A great series of blogs on the low countries. It’s been great to compare notes, seeing what we missed and can schedule for another time. I find Belgian chocolates don’t always travel well and are best eaten right away 😜!

  4. tappjeanne

    Looks like so much fun! One of those pics makes me think of an episode with Lucy and Ethel in the candy factory- ha ha! Rusha,your photos are excellent and have a real personality to them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Armando

    It has been a thrill following your adventures, seeing some of the same sights we saw from your perspective, and enjoying photos of places and things we didn’t see. Thank you for your blog. I look forward to your next adventures!

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