WPC: Variations on a Theme: Island Cottages, St. George Island

Lined up for your island vacation at St. George

It would be hard to miss these island cottages on St. George Island.  On either side of the lighthouse, they stand tall with their backs to the Gulf while winking at passers-by on Gulf Beach Drive.  They may seem like tiny homes (all the rage now on HGTV), but actually, they’re quite large with most boasting 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and plenty of room for at least 10 occupants.  Ample decking is a bonus if you want to sip coffee and watch the waves roll in.

Palm tree variation and big time yellow!

You might think they’d all be alike. But there are definite variations on this theme of cute, tall, leggy homes vying for a premium space on the sand.  Some vary in color; others in adornments, signage, and palm fronds.

And they’re here for the duration, standing tall in their similarities with a few notable differences. Like little welcomimg ducks in a row, they seem to say, “Come in and stay awhile.  You’ll be glad you did!”

All in a row: cottages lined up in St. George Island

All in a row: St. George Island

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For more information on rentals in St. George Island:

Collins Vacation Rentals, www.CollinsVacationRentals.com

Resort Vacation Propertieswww.resortvacationproperties.com

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31 Responses to WPC: Variations on a Theme: Island Cottages, St. George Island

  1. Oh wow, these houses are beautiful!! I would love to live in one of these colourful buildings!

  2. Looking forward to a visit here in June. Beautiful little cottages!

  3. Beautiful post! Just nominated you for a Liebster award, no pressure. 🙂

  4. Cecilia says:

    I love those tall colorful cottages! Beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks so much for taking a look. These aren’t hard to miss. You can even see the tops of them from the bridge taking you from Eastpoint to St. George Island. I can only imagine the view from the bedrooms “up top”!

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  6. I love those tall skinny adorable cottages. So colorful and delightful. Thanks for sharing these, Rusha. 🙂

  7. These tall colorful houses look great and remind me of other places with tall and or colorful houses like San Francisco and Amsterdam. Amazing that they are so spacious inside. Looks can be deceiving!


    • We haven’t been inside one, but we’ve looked at them from the outside a lot this week. I think they must be spacious, but you still have to deal with stairs. But who cares, right? After all, you’re at the beach.

  8. Oh my! I like them, Rusha. Fun. Great photos. –Curt

  9. I live in a “Cottage” like this! They are called Charleston Houses in my neck of the woods. Yes, people are always so surprised at how much room we have and 3 porches! My cottage is “The End Cottage” because it will be my last place ever!

    • So glad you responded because you’ve added the term Charleston House to my vocabulary! These are so wonderful in so many ways — beach frontage, multiple balconies, quiet space for all who stay in them since they’re on various levels. We just may have to rent one in the future and bring the family.

      • Yes ours has 2 porches in front, one off of the living room and one off two of the bedrooms upstairs and then there is a huge porch on the side, off of the kitchen. We have huge master downstairs and three big bedrooms upstairs. More than enough room for old folks! People are always surprised how big “The End Cottage” is!

  10. Very inviting houses, Rusha, and a great choice for the challenge. Thank you for opening up the world to us all. x

  11. Tina Schell says:

    Fun choice. I loved the symmetrical nature of the architecture.

    • Thanks so much. I love that symmetry also. They just stand there, taller than other houses on the beach, so you can’t miss them. And they look a bit like little soldiers! It’s a good place to vacation — but not much warmer here than in Georgia or S. Carolina right now.

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  13. Sue says:

    Variations on a theme alright!

  14. Great answer to the challenge!

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