A little night magic: Lens-Artists Challenge #186 Low Light

Pawleys Pier at dusk, North End 2021

Any time on the beach at Pawleys Island, South Carolina, is magical for us. But with this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #186: Low Light from Sofia, we only had to look back to a brief stay in December 2021 to find that we were truly in love with night-time at the beach.

The night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.

Vincent Van Gogh
Pawleys Island south end at dusk
Pawleys Island, SC: South End

Even without meaning to, we sometimes find ourselves on the beach at dusk. And it feels as if darkness overtakes us quickly but probably because we’re focused on so much more — the rolling in of the waves, the last glimpses of shells on the beach, the thinning out of crowds. We hardly notice that house lights are gradually come on and people turn to the working of puzzles, the reading of books, the chiming in with to conversations among those lucky enough to be at the beach.

Sometimes we stroll Atlantic Avenue to catch sundown on the marsh and how the lingering rays provide backlighting for the sweet chapel and reflections beneath the dock beside the church.

Pawleys Island Chapel with sundown on marsh
The Chapel at Pawleys

From our rooftop widow’s walk, we watch as low lights of evening cast shadows on roofs and gabled windows — the last colors of day giving it their last gasp before setting.

Pawleys Island sundown on marsh rooftop viewing
Sundown on the marsh as seen from a widow’s walk

Visiting in December also affords another low-light adventure as Brookgreen Gardens invites residents and guests to tour the grounds where tiny lights delight and surprise. From strings of light draped from tall trees dripping in Spanish moss to reflections on pools of water, the little lights laugh at the dark as they form a fairyland from one section to another.

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

Edgar Allan Poe

Just before sunset, we drive down to the North End, park the car, and walk the access bridge to the beach. It is there that we wrap ourselves in low, lower, lowest light and find solace beside Pawleys Pier. In contrast to the openness of sun-filled days, it’s the time of dreams, of reflections, of unsolved problems of life that will all be exposed again the following day.

Pawleys Pier at dusk, Pawleys Island SC

But for now, it’s the magic of night.

For more great low-light shots, head to Photographia and Sofia’s photo challenge #186. You’ll find more of the stuff of which dreams are made.

Travel in the waning light,

Rusha & Bert

19 thoughts on “A little night magic: Lens-Artists Challenge #186 Low Light

  1. Amy

    The beach at Pawleys Island is my favorite, the low light and reflections are incredibly beautiful. Your night lights at Brookgreen Gardens are magic!

  2. Sofia Alves

    Your photos of Pawleys Island reminded me what I loved the most while on my summer holidays, that time of the day was always magical, as are your shots. As are the ones from Brookgreen Gardens. What a wonderful post, thank you!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Night strolls are pretty fun. Pawleys has outlawed the use of flashlights to protect the turtles looking to come onto the beach to lay eggs. We love it, too — no lights mean the dreamy time of evening is unspoiled.

  3. Toonsarah

    I love being by the sea as it gets dark, hearing the waves without properly seeing them. You’ve conjured up that atmosphere beautifully with that final shot 😃 And the lights in Brookgreen Gardens look magical!

  4. Carolyn Pearre

    Oh, Rusha! Your post is wonderful. So glad you captured the special evenings at our favorite place.
    LOL, Carolyn

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much. When I saw the challenge words -low light – I remembered that we had been out and about several evenings. In fact, it’s one of my favorite times to walk the beach! Hope all is well with you and we’re back in the sand soon!

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