Close and Closer: Lens Artists Photo Challenge #190

Close-up: chains on boat in Apalachicola FL

Patti’s challenge this week invites us to share dual photos of the same subject — one closer than the other. And if you haven’t seen her post, please take a look at the examples that show that one may not be better than the other, but a new perspective nonetheless.

More and more people seem to be separating from nature. I’m trying to go in a different direction. I’m getting closer and closer.

Dean Potter

Mill Pond in Apalachicola, Florida, is, at its least, a gathering place for working boats in need of a rest. If you’re a landllubber as I am, just standing at the end of the boat line-up is thrilling enough.

Boats at Mill Pond, Apalachicola FL

But closer looks reveal beautiful nautical details — like the rusty chain and weathered, painted wood in the top photo. Moving from one perspective to another likely enhances your experience, by focusing on details rather than the whole.

Take this boat, for example: Beasley Pride. It’s put in its time as a working boat. And its not-so-prim exterior makes it picture-worthy on its own. There’s life in those details, for sure.

But moving in closer provides onlookers with something more — reflections of the water, aging of the exterior, and a glimpse of hardier days gone by.

Water reflections on the Beasley Pride, Apalachicola FL

On another boat, loops of rope vie for attention with a yellow bucket, crusty rails, and green netting. Up close, however, those gathered loops of rope become artsy on their own.

Most of the time, I prefer — even seek out — the closer view for the details of life that imitate art.

But in this pair of photos below, I almost like the distant collage better. Perhaps it’s the lower resolution that spoils this version of the life preserver on the right, but maybe not. Maybe this time the whole just has more to offer than the partial view does.

In this last pair of photos, a mariner prepares for a day at sea. As I tried not to draw attention to myself or to the fact that he was the subject of a photo by someone who knows nothing of sailing, fishing, or any combination of the trade, I stood quietly on the sidewalk bordering Mill Pond to capture this boat, this man, this stuff.

Measuring rope: Apalachicola FL

But when I moved in closer, I liked the scenario even better: a sea lover doing what he does so often that it’s habit . . . almost ready to move on.

Measuring rope: Apalachicola FL

Thanks, Patti, for allowing us to think of our perspectives as we read more posts and revel in more views of life — close and closer.

Travel closely and then move in some more,

Rusha and Bert

22 thoughts on “Close and Closer: Lens Artists Photo Challenge #190

  1. Anne Sandler

    Great post and examples of close and closer Rusha! I love boats and all that goes with them. The older the better. For the image with the red life preserver, I do like the original vs the close up because of the colored buckets that set off the life preserver.

  2. pattimoed

    Wonderful observations and images, Rusha. The close-up of the boat with its name Beasley Pride
    “speaks” to me. I always wonder about the story behind the names. I like the fisherman at work, too. Have a good weekend.😀

      1. Wind Kisses

        Yes. A photographers playground. When we had our boat, I would sit on the back, in the mornings, with my coffee, and watch the day wake up. And those quiet mornings were also an invitation because many boaters sleep in…not me an my camera.

        We let the boat go about a year ago. New adventures on the horizon, I will always miss that morning quiet.

      2. Oh, the Places We See

        Here’s hoping you can find that morning quiet no matter where you are. I, too, get up, start the coffee, grab the newspaper and enjoy the quiet until my husband wakes up. It’s my starter time!

  3. WanderingCanadians

    Lovely pictures that capture the nature of the challenge. It’s funny how an image can look very different depending on whether you’re looking at the big picture or finer details.

  4. Pat

    What fun. I love how you captured the detail. We are very excited because our daughter moved from Texas to Winston-Salem and we are going to be visiting her on our way home. I am looking forward to exploring your corner of the country. She used to live in Richmond Kentucky and we love exploring the Appalachian area.

  5. Toonsarah

    I enjoyed your thoughtful commentary on these shots as much as the images themselves, because it prompted me to look more closely and decide which versions I preferred myself. I’m in two minds about the one with the red life preserver but otherwise the closest in shot is always the one that I would choose – which maybe explains why I take so few wider shots myself, apart from landscapes!

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