Water of life: Lens-Artists Challenge #187

Reflections on Elbe River 2021

As Anne from Slow Shutter Speed has pointed out this week, “Water enhances our photos, adding impact.” And we might add to her post that water impacts everything we do in life.

Water is the driving force in nature.

Leonardo da Vinci

Water helps us get our feet wet as we strive for something better or just putz around enjoying the moment.

Duck splashing in waters of Eastern Shore
Splishin’ and splashin’ along the Eastern Shore

Water brings us together . . . maybe just for today only, maybe for a lifetime.

Birds waiting for ferry, Eastern Shore MD
Bird convention on the Tred Avon River near Oxford, MD

Water elevates all that is above and around, allowing us to appreciate nature in any season . . .

Great Smoky Mtns stream and fall leaves
Water runs through it: An autumn scene in Great Smoky Mountains

or to stand and discover new worlds in watery reflections: new patterns, new movement, new ways of seeing.

Reflections in Castine Harbor, ME
Artful reflections at the harbor in Castine, Maine

Water makes ripples, turning ordinary to extraordinary.

Ripples in the sand, North End, Pawleys Island SC
Tide pools at Pawleys Island, North End

Water lights up the night, adding glistening touches to the ordinary . . .

Standing closer to watch the dancing waters in Salt Lake City's downtown area.
Dancing waters in Salt Lake City’s downtown area.

or provide a source of food and shelter for those willing to dip into the unknown.

Fisherman on Mekong River, Cambodia
A fisherman’s waits to cast his net into the Mekong River, Cambodia

Above all, perhaps, water enables us to become more than we thought we could be.

Surfer by the pier, Pawleys Island, SC
Catching a big one at Pawleys Island’s north end.

After all, water is life no matter how you relate to it. (Photo at top of this post: Early morning reflection on the Elbe River.)

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)

It’s always ourselves we find in the sea.

e. e. cummings

For more entries and some fabulous photos of water in many shapes and forms, head to Anne’s post and immerse yourself.

Travel near water, if you can . . .

Rusha & Bert

26 thoughts on “Water of life: Lens-Artists Challenge #187

  1. Toonsarah

    Beautiful post, both photos and text! My favourite image has to be the one from Castine – I love the semi-abstract nature of it 🙂 But all are lovely and perfect for the theme.

  2. Pit

    With “water of life”I cannot help but think of “uisge beatha”. 😉 But seriously: what way to meny people don’t realize is that water is our most precious natural resource, without which life is impossible. Everybody seems to be concerned with oil running out, but not realiziing that mankind doesn’t nee oil to survive.

  3. Amy

    Enjoy your selections, Rusha. Love how you start your post with the wet feet.
    Beautiful water patterns, ripples, and movement through your lens. Wonderful captures of these activities in water.

  4. Anne Sandler

    Oh Rusha, what an amazing post for this challenge. It looks like you and Bert take full advantage of enjoying water. I especially enjoyed the image of the pier post reflection.

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