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WPC: Serene mornings in Maine

It’s hard to imagine a harbor being quiet, but frequently before dawn, it’s almost silent.  No seagulls honking.  No boat horns sounding.  No one yelling to pull up another trap. And it’s even more serene if fog has blanketed the … Continue reading

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Mainely fog: Mystery morning at Castine harbor

Before I started taking pictures so fervently during our travels, I thought that a foggy day would be an unfortunate happenstance.  But a true photography expert who vacations with us at Pawleys Island each summer told me he welcomes foggy … Continue reading

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WPC: Harbor peek in Castine, Maine

Sometimes a telephoto lens gives you just a peek of the bigger picture.  And that’s what I saw from Acadia Dock at Castine  — a reflection in still waters right before sunrise.  Just a glimpse of the whole, of course.  The … Continue reading

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New Harbor: most photographed fishing village in Maine? Could be!

There’s no such thing, at least in our book, as the prettiest fishing village in Maine.  Each one is prettier than the last, and all are unique.  But the most photographed one, according to Moon Travel Guide: Maine (July 2017),  … Continue reading

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Cruise the Thames with London’s Oyster Card

You never know just how valuable a concierge can be ’til he gives you information that 1) saves you money and 2) gets you where you want to be!  Thanks to Grosvenor House: JW Marriott for hiring a man who … Continue reading

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