Reflections on Elbe River 2021

Water of life: Lens-Artists Challenge #187

As Anne from Slow Shutter Speed has pointed out this week, “Water enhances our photos, adding impact.” And we might add to her post that water impacts everything we do in life. Water is the driving force in nature. Leonardo da Vinci Water helps us get our feet wet as we strive for something better […]

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House of sticks and thatching, Mekong River, Cambodia

Linear shapes and designs: Lens-Artists Challenge #174

Patti Moed — author, photographer, and writer of Pilot Fish Blog — led the Lens-Artists Challenge this week as she shared favorite shapes and designs in interesting photographs. One shape that pops up (sometimes unexpectedly) in our photos is that of the humble, yet effective line. Lines lead our eyes in different directions as these […]

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