Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111: Everyday Objects

take another look at everyday objects and see them

Patti, author of Pilot Fish Blog, offers this week’s topic for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111:“Everyday Objects.” In her post, she throws out this challenge: “take another look at everyday objects and see them from a different perspective.” Even though we’ve been home, inside and isolated, pretty much the whole time of the COVID quarantine since March, it was fun looking around with a different perspective at what we collect and use in our home.

In the photo above, you see five little sock monkeys that have definitely been around. Some were stitched and clothed by my mother; others were picked up at antique shops. But through it all, they’ve remained friends, comforting each other in this old barrister’s bookcase. Just hangin’ out as pals do, of course.

As long-time collectors of antiques, we’ve used our collectibles, especially antique quilts, in decorating our condo. One old quilt hangs over a banister, another highlights a wall, and yet another drapes gently over an old apple-picking ladder. The quilt in this picture, purchased from an antique shop in Texas Hill Country, graces a double bed, one of the first antiques we ever bought.

Antique quilt on an old bed, Knoxville

Sometimes, everyday objects look different depending on how you view them. Close-up photography can produce a graphic image or highlight textures and lines you might not have seen until you study a piece more closely — like this rush seat in an antique ladder-back chair.

Weaving lines in chair's rush seat, Knoxville

Moving a familiar object into a different light can also make you see something you hadn’t noticed before. This buoy purchased in Maine has withstood much in its time — or so it seems when you look closely at the weathering, cracking, and crazing going on with the painted surface.

Weathered buoy purchased in Maine

Even a stack of vintage leather and canvas suitcases have an artful look about them when they top a painted steamer trunk found in the back of a “piled high” antique store.

Stack of suitcases on an old steamer trunk

Finally, a change in lighting can enable us to see an everyday object differently. A pop-up rain shower diminished the light streaming into our guest bathroom, forming a bit of an artsy photo with just an ordinary towel hanging on a hook on the wall.

Towel on bathroom wall

Thanks, Patti, for this “everyday objects” challenge. If other bloggers would like to participate, just post your photos, then link to her blog. Be sure to include the Lens-Artists tag.

Still looking for different perspectives right under our noses,

Rusha & Bert

38 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111: Everyday Objects

      1. Leya

        It’s a hobby for me as well. I try to learn something new as often as I can, but right now there is not much time for it.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thank you so much. I probably need to look at everyday things more often and then practice my camera skills. And those sweet monkeys— I’ve had them a long time! Love those little guys! Have a great weekend!

  1. maristravels

    Wish I could join in your challenge this week but my imagination has atrophied – I blame it on covid19 – why not, everyone else blames it on what is wrong with the world at the moment. Your photos of your treasures are lovely and gave me a great deal of pleasure.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much for taking a look. You must love antiques and old things as I do. I’m not sure who wants to inherit them when I go, but they’ve given me great pleasure for many years. Thanks so much for commenting!!

  2. pattimoed

    Hi, Rusha. A thoughtful and beautiful collection! The rush seat has marvelous texture and the lighting of the ordinary towel makes it stand out. But my heart was stolen by those monkeys! What an adorable collection! I enjoyed the glimpse of your treasures.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I love those little sock monkeys, too. We put them out at Christmas just so we can see them again and again. I don’t know who will inherit them, but I hope the monkeys make them smile as I do when I see them!

  3. Tina Schell

    Very nice Rusha – I’m a big fan of the monkeys, in fact they made me chuckle out loud at my memory of childhood – a nice way to start the day. I also love your “artsy” closing image. A great example of the beauty that light can convey. Nicely done.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much. We’ve enjoyed the monkeys immensely — and they get center stage at Christmas. It’s interesting what things from childhood mean the most to us in adulthood. And these little monkeys are a great reminder that we shouldn’t take life so seriously. Thanks for your comments, as always.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I love those monkeys, too. They’ve been known to show up on the sideboard in our dining room with little signs like Happy Birthday, etc. Part of the family, I guess. And maybe that makes us all monkeys!!

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