Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 112: Pick a Word . . .

Good words are worth much, and cost little.

George Herbert

This week, Ann Christine, one of the four founders of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge hearkened back to a time when bloggers were asked to pick a word and then share photos or stories that reflected various meanings of the word. But Ann Christine did more: She selected five words from which to choose — Growing, Crowded, Tangled, Exuberant, and Comfortable.

After looking through my picture treasure trove, I’ve decided that a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, can pretty much satisfy any word challenge! To say that Bangkok “has it all” may be an understatement!


It may seem that the 43-meter long Reclining Buddha would be very comfortable lying in the temple known as Wat Pho, but I’m not so sure that position would be comfortable for very long. In addition, would you feel comfortable having thousands take your picture each day in your reclining position? Just asking.

Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, Bangkok

Growing and Tangled

A boat trip from a market place near Bangkok brought us through tropical trees and plants forming a tangled, but beautiful maze of waterways.

Boat ride near Bangkok, Thailand


It’s hard to describe we would feel today (especially after social distancing for months!) lining up and then moving shoulder-to-shoulder with the crowds just to see the Emerald Buddha. But all who moved in unison through the crowded Temple of the Emerald Buddha can tell you that you could barely breathe inside (no pictures allowed) or even move without fear of having your bare feet stepped on (shoes had to remain outside). Not comfortable either.

Crowds push to enter Temple of Emerald Buddha
Shoeless visitors crowd in to see Emerald Buddha in Bangkok


Although this gentleman may not be the epitome of exuberance, in his own way, he was gleeful at the opportunity to have his pictures taken by many amateur photographers anxious to catch someone imitating the embellished figures on the side of one of Bangkok’s bejeweled temples!

If you’d like to see more posts on this fun set of words selected by Ann-Christine, click on her post, read to the end, and take a look at the links to other selected photos. If you’d like to add a post, please remember to include the tag Lens-Artists so others can find your selections as well.

Thanks to the fab four (Ann-Christine, Patti, Amy, and Tina) for asking me to host Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #113 next week. I feel humbled and excited! Watch for the release of the topic and my take on it next Saturday, September 5, 2020, at noon EST.

Thanks for good words always,

Rusha Sams

25 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 112: Pick a Word . . .

  1. Leya

    Excellent choices and beautiful photography all – I especially loved the guy imitating the statue! It brought a much needed smile to my face!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      He certainly wasn’t the only tourist having fun, so we had an enjoyable time just watching others. After the seriousness of attending morning worship with several monks, the imitation of statues gave us all a laugh. Thanks for taking a look and commenting.

      1. Leya

        Looking at people, closely watching , can be really fun! That’s what I like to do at train stations for example.

  2. pattimoed

    Great choice, Rusha. I especially love the shot of the tourist. We have not been to Thailand yet, but it’s on the list! We’re excited that you’re leading us on Saturday!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for your positive comments. The tourists as well as the ones traveling with us all had fun watching as people posed near the temple guards! It’s fun to smoke alongside people from all over the world! I’m working on next week’s challenge this morning!! Hope it suits a lot of people so they’ll participate.

  3. tappjeanne

    Wow – bare feet in a crowd like that? So glad they were ALL barefooted – and can’t wait to see what you will challenge as the host – congrats!

  4. Tina Schell

    Excellent choice Rusha – my memory of Bangkok is very much in sync with yours. Parts of it were uber-crowded while others were peaceful and calm like the river trip. Their imperial palaces were amazing – goodness all that gold. Can you imagine?!?!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I had a hard time getting my arms around the opulence. The temples are some of the most ornate in the world. And oh, that Reclining Buddha. How much work and money would that have taken to produce? We found Bangkok to be quite interesting but almost overwhelming in and around the temples. Thanks for commenting.

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