Travel theme: Dark in Salt Lake City

Admiring the charm of a lighted downtown mall in Salt Lake City after dark

Sometimes — well, a lot of times — we don’t have a particular place to see.  Sometimes we just roam, looking for adventures and interesting photo ops to present themselves.  And that’s how it was after dinner one evening in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  We decided to walk back to our hotel in the dark of early evening, through downtown, past dancing fountains where lighted shoots of water cast a glow on yellow autumn leaves.

We moved in closer and stood awhile.  Happy to be traveling.  At dusk.  In a new city.

Standing closer to watch the dancing waters in Salt Lake City's downtown area.
Standing closer to watch the dancing waters in Salt Lake City’s downtown area.

Travel after dark,

Rusha & Bert

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15 thoughts on “Travel theme: Dark in Salt Lake City

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much! I actually took a photography course, and when I hold still for a few minutes, I can adjust and attempt a good picture. It’s just that I’m mostly on the move, sometimes shooting from a moving car — so I get what I deserve from my camera, I guess. Best wishes for a great 2017!

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