Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, the word this week is Layers.  And I’m reminded of a bakery I came upon while strolling S. Main Street in Grapevine, Texas: Legacy Cakes Bakery!

Layer cakes filled a showcase inside with cakes for weddings, showers, and special occasions.  Like this one that definitely speaks Texan to me: Western elements — belt buckles, rope, paisley print and monogrammed logo — in one tastefully layered cake!


More great cakes await you on the Legacy Cakes website. Some layered. Some sculpted. All creative!

Legacy Cakes Bakery

120 S. Main Street, Suite 20

Grapevine, TX 76051



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/legacycakes

This is post #15 of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) 2013.

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  5. kz says:

    ooh i love that!! so nice. i wish i could decorate a cake like that.

  6. Tina Schell says:

    Wow, some people are so talented! That’s simply gorgeous!!

    • Rusha Sams says:

      You’re right — talented! I love taking pics of what other people create. With time and patience, I’m sure we could do some of what we see, but it’s actually more fun taking pictures of what we admire and sharing them! Thanks for reading.

  7. Amy says:

    I love this sweet and beautiful layer post 🙂 Great take on, Rusha!

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  9. Sas says:

    Wow, that looks amazing! I’m good at baking cakes, but no good at the decoration.

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  12. Benmo says:

    Absolutely LOVE your post. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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