Beach Week: Pawleys Pier

Pawleys Pier just before rain

If you believe that this life is all there is and there is no greater power than man, you must walk to the end of this pier at sunset.   

Donna Calhoun

Although we’ve vacationed at Pawleys Island, SC for over 35 years, we’ve never stood on Pawleys Pier. We’ve stood around it — left side, right side — and looked up at it from the beach. We’ve stood at a distance and taken pictures of storms rolling in and of our kids standing firm as waves crashed around them. We’ve even found the best spot for catching the sunrise — just right of the pier, looking under and through the stout, sturdy poles.

Sunrise at Pawleys Pier, Pawleys Island, SC

But we’d never been ON the pier before this summer. Pawleys Pier is private, open only to owners of the condos at Pawleys Pier Village — and renters like us who get to “borrow” the pier for a while as we soak up the ambiance of Pawleys North End.

Two boys fishing Pawleys Pier
Trying to catch a big one!

The pier may be at its finest in the early hours of day when aspirations of catching fish are at their loftiest. Old and young, men and women, experienced and novice — all arrive at the pier looking to catch something, anything. Or looking for a good time trying.

Early morning view of Pawleys Pier, SC
Fishermen line up early on Pawleys Pier.

And the pier serves all of us — fishermen and plain ol’ watchers — with anchors for poles, benches for sitting, tables for cleaning, and rails to rest on.

When we saw one man tugging away at his line, we asked him what he was catching. His reply? “Pier Fish.” My innocence about all things fishy made me ask, thinking this was some ocean fish, maybe even a big catch, but I stood corrected: “No, ma’am. This isn’t a fish. I’ve caught the pier!”

Fisherman at Pawleys Pier, SC
“Hey, can you help me, buddy? I’ve caught a pier fish!”

It’s hard to believe that in seven days at the beach, we didn’t fish even once. But we took advantage of the pier each and every day — greeting the sun, talking with the guys with poles, and looking out at the North End beach.

Pawleys Pier at sunrise, Pawleys Island SC
An early morning walk on Pawleys Pier

After all, the best thing about a pier is that feeling of being out in the ocean with the world wrapped all around you!

View of North End, Pawleys Island from Pawleys Pier
The North End as seen from Pawleys Pier

Enjoy the pier,

Rusha & Bert

18 thoughts on “Beach Week: Pawleys Pier

  1. We Travel Happy

    Beautiful pictures, Rusha! I find piers and jetties always fascinating to look at especially at sunrise or sunset. They give that sense of calm. Don’t you think? But I’ve never heard of this kind of big pier open to just a few. Wow interesting. 🙂

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      It’s a private pier, so I’ve never been on it until we rented this past summer. It’s a sore subject with Pawleys residents, as you can imagine. But once I was out there, I just gazed at the ocean, the surfers, and the fishermen and enjoyed the time.

  2. Green Global Trek

    Piers are always so much fun.. I can think of some good ones we have visited and spent time at enjoying hours of the day, in so many different parts of the world. Always a place to dream, watch, enjoy and relax.


    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for your comment, and I’ll bet you have seen some great piers. And lots of fishing sites. Your travels are enviable, and I hope we get started back on checking off our bucket list soon. Thanks for taking a look!

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