Discover Prompt 4: Street

I won’t say Mykonos is the only town in Greece to have signature white/gray narrow, wobbly streets, but it’s the one we remember for an early walk on a rain-soaked morning. We had to look where we were going: slick white paint around gray cobblestones made our walk a little more treacherous as we tried […]

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Umbrellas on the beach: Cinque Terre

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines in Cinque Terre

As we stood with our tour group in Cinque Terre to listen to our guide, we couldn’t help but notice other lines in the landscape.  From clotheslines holding towels on colorful balconies . . . to boats lined up and waiting at the base of the famous postcard-pretty hillside where small apartments and houses vie […]

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Prague's Astronomical Clock

Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific in Prague

If you want to see lots of anything, just head for Prague where tourists and locals file past prolific bubble blowers waving giant wands of bubbles on busy street corners. Keep moving and you’ll see street vendors who make the most of their small display space by hanging their wares above you, dangling in the […]

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Travel theme: Stepping it up in Varenna, Italy

This week’s Travel Theme: Steps from Ailsa who writes the blog Where’s My Backback? reminded us of the many steps we took in Varenna, Italy.  Walking there can be a challenge, if all you’re accustomed to is your fitness routine on even pavement in your neighborhood.  Walks in Varenna are definitely a step up, but when you’re […]

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Doors of the Cotswolds: Part Two — Thursday Doors

If you thought all doors in the Cotswolds would be similar, you’d be mistaken.  And we stand mistaken.  We envisioned most of them as brown, heavy wooden structures, some with hand-forged hardware, some just plain.  But really we didn’t think much about Cotswolds doors until we saw them.  If there are a thousand doors, then […]

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Take me to the Cotswolds: WPC — Wanderlust

Most of our trips in the States or abroad are one-stop destinations — a major city to explore, a festival celebrating an event, a peaceful state park.  But if I could go back to one location, stay for a couple of weeks (a month even), and wander aimlessly around and through an area, it would […]

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