Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific in Prague

If you want to see lots of anything, just head for Prague where tourists and locals file past prolific bubble blowers waving giant wands of bubbles on busy street corners.

Bubble blowers on the sidewalks of Prague.

Bubble blowers on the sidewalks of Prague.

Keep moving and you’ll see street vendors who make the most of their small display space by hanging their wares above you, dangling in the air.

Suspended marionettes in Prague

Suspended marionettes in Prague

And roofers must have been quite busy as early as the 9th century topping buildings with red clay tiles that you can best see from Prague Castle.

Prague's red clay roofs

Prague’s red clay roofs

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11 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific in Prague

  1. Amy says:

    It’s a historic clock! Beautiful for this theme, Rusha! 🙂

  2. jaybird says:

    These shots are all so fun, but that castle view took my breath away, prolific indeed. Did you get any good indoor castle captures?

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  4. lesleyconnor says:

    Great pics, well done

    • Thanks so much. I really need to write more about Prague, one of our favorite cities we’ve ever visited. So glad the beautiful buildings have been preserved, and there’s still a respect for the past there. I could definitely return!

  5. drdblogs says:

    A fun interpretation of the challenge!

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