Running his 200th: Jim Miller at Chicago Marathon 2021

It seems such a short time ago that we shared Run, Jim Miller, Run, a post celebrating our friend Jim Miller’s 100th marathon in Boston in 2014. And now, here he is again, a mere seven years later, not just running — but finishing well — his 200th in Chicago, October 10, 2021.

It’s an accomplishment few can celebrate. By completing marathons in each of the 50 United States and now logging in his 200th race total, he’s only one of 265 people in the world who can boast these remarkable marathon stats.

In addition, Jim’s a fundraiser. In honor of his dad who passed away from liver cancer, Jim amazingly raised $17,462 for the National Kidney Foundation.

At Mile 4, Jim sees us on the sidelines!

Jim has told us he began this journey at age 49 running his first marathon in 2000. So with that statistic, we’ve come to this conclusion: it’s definitely possible to do what you want to do, if you keep at it and press on, as Jim has done.

Number 200 is in the books!

On the afternoon before the race — October 9th, 2021 — we all rode a city bus out to Chicago’s McCormick Place to begin the preliminaries: picking up a number and commemorative shirt from sponsor Bank of America.

But the whole ordeal was complicated by the sheer volume of people waiting for clearance We meandered through at least five long lines inside (about a two-hour process) after showing proof of COVID vaccinations and personal IDs for entrance.

New COVID restrictions: show proof of vaccination and ID prior to entry.

But on race day, all was good. The race kicked off at various times (Jim was in the 8:30 starting bunch), winding 26.2 miles through all 19 neighborhoods of Chicago.

Our job was to cheer him along at Mile Marker 4 and 12 where relatives of runners, fans of marathons in general, and good friends like us lined the sidewalks and streets of the Gold Coast neighborhood and Old Town neighborhood.

Wearing his shirt bearing signatures of donors and friends, Jim Miller greeted us at Mile Marker 12.

At the end, we headed to Grant Park where Jim and 26,111 other finishers ended their runs. We gathered in an area closed to friends and relatives due to COVID. But hugs and celebrations commenced as runners limped down stairs and fell (literally!) into the arms of loved ones.

Jim ended the race smiling . . . just as he had begun.

If you’re as impressed by runners as we are, you’re probably asking why, how, and for how long — just as we were. Little do we understand about what makes runners tick or set long-standing goals for themselves. We just admire. And celebrate.

In fact, we marvel that anyone can run even one marathon, let alone 200 of them!

Posing with Jim Miller after the race: friend Harry Lunt and sister Gale Wendell.

Congratulations, Jim Miller. And thanks for sharing your well-run 200th marathon in Chicago with us!

Smiles all around!

Travel to see a marathon whenever you can,

Bert and Rusha

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  1. dawnkinster

    Congratulations Jim! That’s phenominal! I have run 5 marathons, a drop in the bucket, but I’m glad I did them. Chicago is a wonderful race for him to do his 200th. I never ran it but it was on my bucket list. I hope he’s fully recovered now and enjoying working on his next goal!

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