Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #143: Colorful April

White dogwoods in shadows, UT Gardens, Knoxville

It may come as no surprise that the Bard of Avon had it right all along:

April . . . hath put a spirit of youth in everything.

William Shakespeare

And so it is that Colorful April is upon us.

In Knoxville, Tennessee, April brings on white and pink dogwood trees, inviting residents and visitors to a city-wide celebration known simply as Dogwood Arts. It’s fun. It’s beautiful. And above all else — it’s colorful. But other flowers ask for a little respect around here as well.

UT Gardens, Knoxville, TN
Colors play well together in this dramatic section of the University of Tennessee Gardens.

Join us as we roam the UT Gardens where dogwoods are celebrated, but other flowers show off their prettiest and best — just to make it fun!

First the unfurling of the greens . . .

New ferns, UT Gardens, Knoxville
Tender fronds of a new ferns aim for the sky.

And then the buttery yellows of a rare Cucumbertree Magnolia.

Cucumbertree Magnolia, UT Gardens, Knoxville

Leaves, too, deserve a little notice — like the sun-washed leaves of Spirea Japonica: Japanese meadowsweet.

Spirea japonica: Japanese meadowsweet, UT Gardens, Knoxville

But not to be outdone, pinks make a dramatic statement in the gardens.

Blushing tulips turn their heads to the warmth of the sun . . .

while Pink Columbines sway with the gentle winds.

Pink columbine, UT Gardens, Knoxville

Seeking shade, these Ivory Prince Lenten Roses (Helleborus) bow their heads, longing for quiet moments . . .

Helleborus, Ivory Prince - UT Gardens, Knoxville

while Redbuds hold on as long as they can before dogwoods steal the show.

Redbud blooms, UT Gardens

And here come the whites: Snowball hydrangeas weigh down their branches as they nod with the breeze.

White snowball hydrangea, UT Gardens, Knoxville

and dogwoods take center stage, proud to have a festival named after them. They appear almost without fanfare, yet everyone feels the love. It’s our flower, and it wouldn’t be spring without the dogwoods.

Two white dogwoods, UT Gardens, Knoxville

Well-apparel’d April on the heel

Of limping Winter treads.

William Shakespeare

For more Colorful April entries in this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, be sure to go to Amy’s post and check out what colorful finds she’s sharing.

Travel colorfully,

Rusha & Bert

42 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #143: Colorful April

  1. Leya

    Just gorgeous, Rusha! What a feast you are treating us to. Here we have almost no colours at all yet – I’ll have to scroll yours again…

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thank you so much. Some of our dogwood blossoms have age spots, or so it looks like that to me. These were very soft and fresh looking. And a few branches were low enough for me to reach. Come visit us in April!!

  2. WanderingCanadians

    Such beautiful colours and flowers. I love the snowball hydrangeas. Whenever I see hydrangeas in general I can’t help but think of Cape Cod. I’m actually planning on planting some hydrangeas at the front of my house this spring. It may have to wait until next spring though depending on whether our garden centres or nurseries stay closed during lockdown.

  3. Toonsarah

    What gorgeous flower photos! The dogwoods are beautiful, worthy of their own festival, but I was also very taken with the Cucumbertree Magnolia – I’ve never heard of them but it looks a stunner!

  4. Carolyn Pearre

    Another wonderful post and this one makes me homesick for April in Knoxville!!💕

  5. Pat

    What beautiful flower photographs. It makes me eager to return to Michigan, even though it will be a few weeks before we see the blooms you now have. May is our colorful month.

  6. Tina Schell

    Loved your post this week Rusha! I do miss the dogwoods which were plentiful in our NJ home. Here we have azaleas which are gorgeous, and the magnolias won’t be far behind, but some of your varieties we only see in professional gardens. I do miss the many kinds of flowers we loved up north. Your images are gorgeous.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for the compliment. I went alone, and loved my time in the gardens. Fortunately, many varieties had markers with botanical names. For others, I was just lost. There’s always something new, right?

  7. Ingrid

    Beautiful floral images. I especially like the blushing tulips. Once I moved west, seeing tulips became a rare and special treat.

  8. Amy

    What a treat to see these colorful spring flowers, Rusha! The Pink Columbines are very special, we only have yellow one around here.
    I saw dogwood blooms in Tallahassee many years ago, and I still remember the experience of walking down the path with dogwoods on both sides. Thank you for this beautiful spring flower gallery.

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