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We’re beginning a new series of travel based upon another first for us: an ocean cruise on Viking Sky! We were delighted when Viking’s “Cities of Antiquity & The Holy Land” worked into our schedule, and, as ancient history lovers (well, we took a course or two in college, if that counts), we were off to see sites in Greece, Israel, and Italy.

Sundown at Limassol, Cyprus as seen from Viking Sky

In the past, we’ve taken river cruises and loved them — fewer passengers to get to know, active sessions on the deck each morning (yoga, anyone?), and nightly gatherings to hear what the chef has prepared for supper. So, would we like a 745-foot ship holding 930 passengers cruising the ocean?

YES. And a resounding YES at that!

Booking the cruise (November to December 4, 2019) was the first step. But from Day One after boarding Viking Sky, we quickly discovered that the ship itself would be as important a part of this adventure as the ancient lands we would tour.

Main room of a Deluxe Veranda stateroom on Viking Sky.
Main room of a Deluxe Veranda stateroom on Viking Sky.

Relaxing. First, our stateroom: a Deluxe Veranda with balcony. It offered comfort, creative use of space, and luxury accommodations making us look forward to Days at Sea. From comfy king bed to heated floors in the well-appointed bathroom, we thought life couldn’t get better. But when we met our steward Angelo, we knew it could. He not only tidied up daily, but saw to it that our wishes really were his commands.

Viking Sky steward, Angelo, with happy passenger, Bert

Gathering. Outside our stateroom, public areas awaited.

From the main lobby arranged with seating areas for talking, game areas for playing, and the pleasant, airy Wintergarden room for afternoon tea, we found plenty of spaces where we could have the privacy we longed for or places to mingle and make new friends.

Served at 4 p.m. each day in Wintergarden:  Afternoon Tea
Served at 4 p.m. each day in Wintergarden: Afternoon Tea

Entertaining. Nightly shows in the Star Theater featured Vegas-level performers of music familiar to our ears — from a tribute to the Beatles to Hollywood show tunes. And in the smaller venue, Torshavn, guests danced to the music of the Viking Band.

Decking. Outside, we walked the decks — like the jogging track that measured our steps and the upper deck – great for viewing the ocean vastness. When we didn’t want to walk, we joined the friendly chefs for cook-to-order breakfast omelettes, seafood buffets, and make-it-yourself tacos. “Decking out” took on a whole new meaning!

Learning. Resident professors coupled their vast knowledge with witty dialogues and brilliant slides for an entertaining way for us to learn more about a variety of topics such as “The Holy Land in Art” or the “High Renaissance in Rome” or “The Ottoman Empire.” We sat in the comfortable Star Theater for learning and then later for entertainment.

A lecture in the Star Theater by Dr. Dennis Castillo: “The Ottoman Empire”

When there wasn’t a presentation, we toured the collection of viking artifacts, watched a video on the Bayeux Tapestry (recreated as wall art in the stairwells) or took a cooking class with Chef Andreas in the Star Theater.

Chef Andreas prepares Lobster Risotto in the Star Theatre. (And, oh yes, samples for everyone!)

Relaxing. Nothing impressed us more than a place we never anticipated (but now will return to again and again): the LivNordic Spa. It didn’t take long for us to experience the lilting waters of the wave pool, to try the Nordic Bathing Ritual (hot shower, cold time in the snowball room, then back to hot shower – I kid you not!), and to relax with massages by pros, all accompanied by fluffy towels and a locker room filled with amenities. It took cruising to a new level.

Letting the warm waters wash over them, guests enjoy the Wave Pool on Viking Sky

Eating. It’s a cruise ship, right? So how could we not mention food, glorious food? Serve-it-yourself bars featured a selected meat each day, carved to your liking (rare or well-done). Add fresh fruits and vegetables, breads of all kinds, made-in-house gelato, and fancy, schmancy petite delights — well, you get the picture of what we look forward to when cruising. If we wanted to dress up and be served in high style, The Restaurant, Manfredi’s, or the Chef’s Table treated us to luxury dining with pleasant waiters.

Scheduling happy times. With Viking Daily, a color-printed brochure left on our bed each night, we stayed on top of events, our personally scheduled excursions (with top-notch local guides), and exciting entertainment. And one special day, the crew and staff greeted us with open arms as they sang and danced under red umbrellas welcoming us back to . . . Viking Sky.

It’s a big one! But offers personal luxury for each and every guest.

If you’re thinking of cruising, why not give Viking Sky a try? With luxury amenities and the opportunity to stay to yourself or get out and meet others, we think it’s an option worth exploring. We know one thing: we’re already looking at brochures to find our next big ship trip.

Just another morning on the Mediterranean sipping coffee and taking in the blue, blue waters.

Safe travels,

Rusha and Bert

FYI: We received no compensation from Viking or any travel agency for this post. We’re just sharing what we love doing.

Update: As we become aware of the spread of the coronavirus, we certainly understand that many people are re-considering travel by any and all means, including cruise travel. And rightfully so. Please check for the latest information and travel advisories for your destination.

19 thoughts on “Inside Viking Sky

  1. Life In Camelot

    Wow, life on board looks even better than I expected. My husband and I have been cruising with Cunard since 2009 and a few months ago we booked our first Viking ocean cruise for October this year. It will be on Viking Sky and the itinerary is Rome to Miami (I know, the two countries worst hit by Corona virus at the moment…), for 26 nights.

    We’ve been on board Viking Orion as guests for several hours last year whilst she was docked in Melbourne, and I thought that was pretty special.

    Here’s the link to my thoughts on the ship –

    I really hope we get to experience the Sky first hand and I look forward to taking my own great photos, meeting the lovely staff and other cruisers, and of course, eating the food.

    Thanks for your great post.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I’m quite envious of your trip, and I wish you the best on sightseeing, dining, walking the deck or whatever you do. We have found cruising to be a wonderful way to see the world, and we look forward to our next adventure. The ships are amazing, the food is quite good, and the scenery — ah, noting finer. Appreciate your comments and interest. Bon voyage!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      There really was ice piled up in the snowball room. Because the lighting was dim and blue, I don’t have a good picture. But it was an unreal experience to go from hot to cold to hot!!! Thanks for taking a look at this fabulous ship. I really hope that no viruses are found on it.

  2. Liz Clark

    Great posting! Really enjoyed it and seeing what one of the ocean ships is like. I’m booked on Viking Orion from Vancouver B.C. for Inland Passage cruise departure 4 Aug 20. Am 66, in good health, so planning to still go. If Viking cancels thats different. If i end up in quarantine….i am retired do as long as i have room service, drinks, tv. Wifi, and my Kindle, i csn dezl. Just in case tho, taking double of my RXs with me!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I think I would do the same thing — just take a chance and go. I realize that the virus is spreading, but right now there are far more cruise ships and people without the virus than with the virus. I’m not saying the odds are in your favor, but they are . . . sort of. Wishing you all the best on your trip! And please, take precautions.

  3. Anne

    Too bad Viking is still allowing people to handle the utensils at the taco bar. Oh well, we’re on the Sky next spring and this won’t stop me from going.

  4. Bernadine

    I’m supposed to sail on Viking Sky April 1st with my 4 daughters…Venice to Barcelona. Still on the fence about canceling.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      It was both entertaining and informative. I learned a lot but didn’t feel as if I were back in college! Besides, all those lectures and excursions are optional. If anyone just wanted to each and cruise, that would be fine, too! We’re hooked!

  5. Green Global Trek

    We have never been on a cruise, but that spa room with the hot and cold baths, sounds fantastic. As does the food. As you say, right now might not be the best time to be on a cruise. Those stories about people quarantined on a cruise were just horrific….

    Enjoyed your photos and descriptions of your experiences, sound like you had a super fun time.


    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for your comment and for taking a look at my new site! Yes, we could have gained weight, but the excursions were pretty active! We found ourselves walking way more than we do at home. And oh, would I ever love to do it again!

      1. Kaylene Yee

        I loved reading your comments and seeing your pictures. We’ve been on two Viking Ocean cruises and loved them both! Inspite of the coronavirus, we hope to do another ocean cruise sometime in the near future. Wishing you and Bert many more cruises!! Retirement is all about traveling! Stay healthy too!

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