Shiny and black: Doors on London’s Park Street

A passerby checks his phone in front of an elegant London doorway.

A passerby checks his phone in front of an elegant London doorway.

When you travel, walking the neighborhood near your hotel is one way to get a feel for how people really live.  And, if doors are any indication of the people inside the homes in the Mayfair section of London, we could expect to meet some very British residents, comfortable in their formality.

Doors on Park Street reveal some things in common:  Almost all are beautiful, and almost all are coated with high gloss, black paint.  Park Street doors reminded us of quaint London taxis bearing shoppers on Bond Street and those ever-popular (at least in the States) glossy boots by Hunter, the brand that outclasses almost all other rain gear on the market today.  Park Street doors are the ultimate chic, if you will, in this quiet neighborhood in the Mayfair section. And the color hints at lineage or status — the color not of royalty, perhaps, but of understated elegance that would never dare to scream, “Notice me!”

Who wouldn’t want to turn the knob, walk in, and see what’s behind any one of these doors?

With so many types of doors surrounded by entryways worthy of ambassadors (and some live here!), a walk in the Mayfair section of London may be in order.  It’s a place where variety reigns but uniformity is the gold (or, should we say, black) standard for doors.

For more doors, check out Norm Framton’s site: Thursday Doors, January 12, 2017.  It’s a welcome site to see!

27 thoughts on “Shiny and black: Doors on London’s Park Street

  1. sustainabilitea

    Yes, 34’s a winner but so are the others. I’m a big fan of black and the ironwork is wonderful. I’m all for not flaunting wealth, not that I have it to flaunt, but…


    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Janet, you’re right that they are all gorgeous. And, for some reason, the doors seem tasteful yet not over the top. Sometimes flaunting takes the form of funky doors or gold doors, etc. But I really prefer this simple black look with or without the ironwork. All good, I guess!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      They really are, but I’m not sure I studied them as a commentary before. Now that I’m looking more closely, there’s a class distinction evidenced by what kind of doors we own, I suppose. Come to my house — pretty middle class door all around!! 🙂

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for the compliment, but it’s actually Norm who should get the credit. He has a blog challenge each Thursday — people post pictures of doors. This is my first time to post, but I have lots of door pics now!!!

  2. Vicky

    “What splendid doors” said in a Mayfair accent! They are so elegant and I expect they open onto prime real estate.. lovely to see from afar!

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