Taking a break for places we can’t wait to see!


For the month of July, we’re taking a break from blogging to sightsee and work in another part of the world:  Romania!  Working with a team in Bucharest through Habitat Global Village, we’ll be renovating a school.  But we’re also adding some fun stops nearby and not-so-nearby.

First, we fly to Prague and take in what that city has to offer.  If tour books are any indication, we are in for a treat! Then drive (well, ride with a driver) to Budapest where we’ll stay three days taking a look at what that city has to offer.  (It’ll be all play up to that point).

Finally, we’ll fly from Budapest to Bucharest where the work on the school begins with our Habitat team.  Finally,  we’ll end end our trip with a few days in Brasov and nearby seeing Peles and Bran Castles, Sinaia Monastery, and Black Church.

We’re not sure how easy it will be to post pictures on our Instagram account, but that will be our foremost go-to social media portal:  https://www.instagram.com/rushasams/

If time allows and the internet connects, we may post pictures on Oh, the Places We See.

Regardless, we’re looking forward to any and all experiences.  As always, thanks for following us.  See you when we get back home!

— Rusha and Bert

About Oh, the Places We See

Met at University of Tennessee, been married for 47 years, and still passionate about travel whether we're volunteering with Habitat Global Village, combining work at Discovery with pleasure, or just seeing the world. Hope you'll join us as we try to see it all while we can!
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46 Responses to Taking a break for places we can’t wait to see!

  1. I hope you blog about renovating the school, I’d like to hear about that.

  2. What an amazing trip you have planned. Lots of fun and sightseeing followed up by wonderful service. Can’t wait to see and hear about your trip. Be safe and be blessed!

    • Thanks so much for your blessings and well wishes. Our trip was lovely and came off without a glitch. And, as you may know, many things can happen when you have several connections, flights, new foods, etc. But happy to report that we loved the places and people, too. So many good memories!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful summer trip Rusha. You’re going at the perfect time, and you’ll enjoy Budapest and Prague. If you can, make sure to spend an afternoon roaming around Budapest’s Castle Hill. The # 16 bus is an experience you don’t want to miss :). Here’s a tale to entice you:
    Have a wonderful trip. ~James

    • Loved your post and pics. Especially the tale of old #16. I guess if we traveled the same route again we’d have other great experiences to write about. Blogging is sheer fun — sharing the memories!

  4. Kevin Brent says:

    Enjoy the trip!!!

  5. Tina Schell says:

    We did a similar trip and it was wonderful. Good for you for giving back!

    • Thanks for your comment. We tried hard to “give back,” but the older we get the harder it is. Worked mostly on ripping out paneling and plastering. My work isn’t quality, but I did try my best!!! Hope your summer is going well.

  6. What a wonderful work/play combination. Have you been to the area before? It’s one of my favorites. Happy travels.

  7. Here’s hoping you have a marvelous time, I applaud your effort with Habitat, and can’t wait to read all about it. Travel safely.

  8. freebutfun says:

    Wow, a good cause to a holiday and excuse to get to explore something new☺

  9. You are good people, Rusha and Bert. Have a wonderful trip. –Curt

  10. Sounds memorable…build a treasure trove to store.

  11. dawnkinster says:

    Have a wonderful, fulfilling trip, stay safe, work hard, explore far. We’ll be waiting patiently for your return. Mostly have FUN!

  12. Sharon Frankenberg says:

    Hope you have a wonderful journey!

  13. tappjeanne says:

    Be safe and have fun! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  14. Wow, sounds wonderful! I hope you have a blast!

  15. Pit says:

    Have a great time and a safe trip! Helping to build a school is wonderful. I once did that in my youth in Belgium.

  16. ralietravels says:

    Have a great trip. I look forward to hearing about it in future posts.

  17. JudyinFrance says:

    What a wonderful adventure. Have a fabulous time. You can always catch up with the photos in August.

  18. Touring NH says:

    Have a great trip and safe travels!

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