Travel theme: Stillness

Whenever we travel beside a stream, stillness is usually not attainable.  The flow of the water, duck paddling along, or the rustle of trees nearby keep life moving.

Stillness along the Lewis 7 Clark Trail.

Stillness along the Lewis 7 Clark Trail.

But on this day in 2013, we stopped along the Lewis and Clark Trail, Highway 12, for a brief moment . . . just to take in the quiet.  Stillness can be golden.

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13 thoughts on “Travel theme: Stillness

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  2. Prior-2001

    Gorgeous photo and like the stillness can be golden !
    Oh and I once heard that stillness can be dangerous – to sheep – like someone said that the psalms which talk about how God leads us safely along still waters – heard a teacher say that some animals would be fooled by the calm – something like that

      1. Prior-2001

        Well i recently learned it myself – and it made sense – but u are right about the beauty – especially with reflections – 😉

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