Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

"Unconditional Surrender" down by the marina in Sarasota, Florida

“Unconditional Surrender” by the marina in Sarasota, Florida

Down by the marina in Sarasota, Florida, a 26-foot tall sailor connects with a pretty young lady.  The statue, officially named “Unconditional Surrender,” has also been dubbed “The Big Smooch” (at least by roadsideamerica.com), and people either love it or hate it. Originally intended to help people forever connect to the memory of WWII, Jack Curran, a former signalman, put up $500,000 to help preserve the memory of those who served. Although many have called the statue “a big gaudy sideshow” (Source:  Herald Tribune), a Florida contingency brought it back by popular demand in 2006 after it spent time in San Diego, California.  It seems a lot of people connect with the world’s largest random embrace!

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

  1. Touring NH

    Very clever interpretation. My first thought of the theme would have been something along technical lines. I fall into the group of people who love it. I can easily imagine the couple being my grandparents when my grandfather came back from Pearl Harbor.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I fall into the “love it” group also. Reminds me of that famous photo from the war era, but also I love because it’s huge, interesting, and iconic for the area. Glad you had those memories of your grandfather when you saw it.

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