Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

Knoxville’s Chilhowee Park is known around town as the place for exhibits, the Tennessee Valley Fair, and special events.  But one building, listed in Knox Heritage‘s  Fragile Fifteen, is an endangered structure:  the historic Rabbit & Poultry Barn.  Built in the 1930s from the wood of a dismantled roller coaster in use at the 1910 Appalachian Exposition and incorporating windows from the 1910 Exposition Building, the barn is a treasure, albeit a dilapidated one.  In its heyday, the frequently visited (during the fair, that is) Rabbit & Poultry Barn housed over 400 rabbit and 1,300 poultry exhibits.

From every angle, it’s a photographer’s treat!

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I’m glad you asked because it’s a question I don’t have answered either. I’m not sure. It would take a lot of time, money, effort, etc. I think the Chilhowee Park folks would like for the city to help them, and maybe that will happen.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks, Cindy. We actually were part of a dinner held on site in front of the barn this past weekend. It was a fund-raiser to support historic structures. So, they opened the building, and I took advantage of the photo op!

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