Travel theme: Spring

Taken at face value as seen from my kitchen window, this White Star White Magnolia looks lacy, delicate, and pretty, especially when viewed with bright yellow forsythia in the background. It’s OK, lovely in fact, as it is — seen from a distance.

Outside my back door, a White Star White Magnolia is the first sign of spring.

Outside my back door, a White Star White Magnolia is the first sign of spring.

But it’s not until we get a close-up view that we know spring is here.  This treasured tree blooms for a week at most, and sometimes it has a hard time holding on even for that long. It’s easily buffeted by spring winds and weighed down by the gentlest rains, so blooms have little staying power given nature’s whims.

Early morning rain on a White Star White Magnolia

Early morning rain on a White Star White Magnolia

No matter.  Sometimes the fleeting nature of this tree makes it even more endearing.  The delicate while blossoms.  Subtle pink markings.  Pale yellow stamen.  Fuzzy gray calyx. We love it all, but have to get close to see its true beauty.

Just opening.

Just opening.

A hint of pink

A hint of pink

The inside story

The inside story

Spring officially arrives with the blooming of our White Star White Magnolia.  And its gentle Hello is one of the most welcome signs around.

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21 Responses to Travel theme: Spring

  1. That’s gorgeous! Happy spring to you!

  2. Love the photos and Magnolias literally shout South. –Curt

  3. Jeanne Tapp says:

    Beautiful close ups Rusha

  4. Love the way you captured the fragility of these beautiful blossoms. That tinge of pink is so lovely. 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    I love White Star White Magnolia! Delicate, indeed!

  6. Your close up shots are just beautiful and brought a smile to this winter weary woman. 🙂

  7. Rajiv says:

    We are bout to head into summer!

  8. What gorgeous photos! Such beautiful blossoms! And that hint of pink… perfection.

  9. lexklein says:

    I like your spring better than mine. Here in Chicago, the white stuff in the trees outside this morning is SNOW! Ugh.

  10. thatssojacob says:

    So lovely and silky.

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