Travel theme: Blossom

Sometimes, photographic opportunities are as close as our own backyard! For this week’s Travel theme: Blossom from Ailsa who writes Where’s My Backpack, we’re sharing some of the white blossoms we’ve enjoyed this spring — by traveling right here at home!

Blooming behind the screened porch, early April: White Star White Magnolia

budding white star white magnolia

White Star Star Magnolia - full bloom

From the tree in the side yard, mid April: White Dogwoods

Single white dogwood

Two white dogwoods

And climbing up our mailbox in May: White Clematis 

Small white clematis

Blooming white clematis

So, travel to Knoxville, Tennessee, for great whites.  And to see more blossoms bustin’ out all over, click here.

Travel theme: Blossom.

28 thoughts on “Travel theme: Blossom

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  2. FreeRangeCow

    I love your backyard extravaganza! My maternal grandmother used to plant Snap Dragon’s (don’t know their real name) and I remember wandering her yard, picking them and holding puppet shows throughout my childhood! I need to plant some…thanks for the delightful trip!

    1. Rusha Sams

      Thanks so much! It was fun walking around the neighborhood taking pictures even if the neighbors think I’m a bit weird! Which I may be!

  3. ididitforjohnny

    Love these, Rusha! We don’t have magnolias (or very many dogwoods) where I’m from, in Eastern Oregon, near Boise Idaho, but since we’ve moved to Boston, they’ve become mainstays. I love your take on them as white blossoms, but as I’ve experience them (granted, not very much), they have much more color – largely pink. My mother used to have a clematis growing on a chain-link fence outside her front door. Hers were purple, but your photo captured them perfectly Such a pretty, ignored, flower!

    1. Rusha Sams

      Thanks so much for sharing what you remember about flowers. I’m hoping to build an appreciation for all types with my granddaughter. The magnolia are just starting to bloom and fill the air with fragrance. Can’t wait to smell them the rest of May. I’ll be in Pullman, ID and thereabouts this week. Any tips on what to see? We’re staying on a farm, but might like to try a boat trip through Hell’s Canyon.

    1. Rusha Sams

      Thanks! Would you believe I didn’t even know what the word macro meant until I started reading other people’s blogs and looking at their photos? I love moving the camera in close now.

      1. Amy

        I, too, have learned many photo terms from bloggers 🙂 These are beautiful shots. Happy Sunday, Rusha!

    1. Rusha Sams

      I have a small yard actually, but I’ve tried to fill it with the flowers I love. Hope someone posts a challenge entitled Hydrangeas ’cause I’ll have a bunch in a couple of weeks!

    1. Rusha Sams

      It’s really pretty ordinary — I live in a condo. But we can plant front and back and grow clematis up the mailbox. You do with what you have, right?

    1. Rusha Sams

      Thanks, Cindy. I love grouping flower photos by color, so this challenge allowed me the opportunity to do just that. Would love to have your photo-snapping talents, but I’m enjoying just getting closer to the flowers and seeing droplets, bugs, imperfections, etc. What fun a hobby can be, right?

    1. Rusha Sams

      I love them! In fact, one of my friends has a moon garden — all white flowers that almost glow when the moon’s light shines on them. Thanks for taking a look!

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