Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week — On the Move — reminded us of the incredible hubbub of motion we observed in Beijing and Shanghai.  With our camera held next to the window of the tour bus, we peered into the streets and alleyways trying to get shots of people whizzing by. Their conveyances were varied — bicycles, motorcycles, rickshaws, or makeshift wheeled affairs — but so were their loads, piled high and strategically balanced! Our own erratic movement didn’t help our attempts at photography, as you can see below.  We were adjusting to the glare off the glass or trying to stay balanced as our driver sped away whenever he got “the go” to do so.  One thing was certain though:  people of all ages, heights, and means were on the move in China!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

    1. Rusha Sams

      Janaline, I wonder that same thing myself! I can hardly balance myself! And after they get those bikes loaded, they still have to negotiate heavy traffic . . . very heavy! Thanks for reading!

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