Fab Christmas at The Shop in Micanopy. But, oh my. Who does take-down?

Consider it said right here.  Christmas doesn’t get any further “over the top” than it does at The Shop in Micanopy, Florida.

Micanopy (pronounced Mic′-a-no-pee) is the second oldest town in the state, and this little hamlet oozes with charm.  Drive about 11 miles south of Gainesville where you’ll come into Micanopy and see a street lined with long-standing trees dripping with Spanish moss. Along the sidewalk are a few indie shops, unassuming almost.  But don’t be fooled. This is where you’ll find The Shop. And you just may be stopped dead in your tracks.

OMG, as they say on Facebook.  So much Christmas. So little time.

The Shop at Micanopy FL

Owner Marlene Oberst and her creative staff packed The Shop with Christmas — by theme or color or both — into every corner, aisle, and ceiling!

As we opened the door, we almost ran into this lavish upside-down tree, sparkling with gold ornaments and icicles and tiny white lights.

The Shop at Micanopy FL

And then we noticed vignettes with glowing accessories at EVERY turn.  Like this beach corner with Neptune perched atop another upside-down tree in the front window. It was Christmas — under the sea!

The Shop at Micanopy FL


In another corner, shell picture frames near a shore bird reminded us that Life Is Good at the Beach!


And in another alcove, a painted sideboard hosted a woodland theme: snowy owls among mercury glass baubles and woodsy cones covered in bark.

The Shop at Micanopy FL

There was a nod to an old-fashioned Country Christmas in traditional reds and greens. Santa looked ready standing beside the gingerbread men tree as he held packages tied up in string.

The Shop at Micanopy FL

There was even a patriotic Christmas display with Uncle Sam as the star — waving the flag among the red, white, and blue and all things U. S. A.

The Shop in Micanopy, FL

Of course, Florida Gators figured prominently into the scheme of things — with accessories like scarves, caps, and napkins for entertaining.

The Shop in Micanopy, FL

And what about this giant gator for the bar???

The Shop in Micanopy, FL

Red and white took a whimsical turn as polka dot ornaments dangled from a white tree reminiscent of those bottle brush trees I see in the snow globes on Pinterest. Red candies, cardinals, and chains add even more color.

The Shop in Micanopy, FL

But most notable, at least to us, was the lime green/silver combo.  It must have been the color choice of the season! From spheres to spikes to lettering, the fresh color duo brightened up the room and said, This is Christmas 2013!

Of course, I did have to ask the associate at check-out:  Do you leave Christmas up all year?  I mean this is a lot of stuff.  Everywhere.

But she just smiled, and answered gently, Oh, no.  We’ll be taking all this down in a week or two.  We leave a little in a holiday corner, but the rest is packed away.

The Shop in Micanopy FL

Whew, I thought.  That’s a lot of sparkle to pack away.  I’m gonna enjoy it now while I can!

The Shop

210 Cholokka Blvd.

Micanopy, FL 32667



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11 Responses to Fab Christmas at The Shop in Micanopy. But, oh my. Who does take-down?

  1. Greetings! Shop/Micanopy fans The Shop in Micanopy is now on Facebook. Here’s where we will be posting current photos and seasonal displays. We’d love it if you stopped by! Please feel free to like us, follow along, share with your friends, or leave a review online as we to grow our page. Our inventory is as diverse as ever. We have around 70 photos posted from Halloween and for Thanksgiving 2016. Christmas will be exploding with all the glitz, glitter, and charm fir which The Shop is known, including our huge “upside down” decorated Christmas tree as you walk in. We hope you have a chance to visit us in person or online! Happy Holidays!

    • I’m so excited about your FB presence! Now, I can see all those fab decorations on my computer! Loved shopping at your place — it really put me in the Christmas spirit. Best wishes for a great holiday season!

  2. FreeRangeCow says:

    I love your “new” (remember, I am still catching up) blog theme. Lovely!

  3. Gary says:

    Looks like a quaint town and I am not far from there so I’ll have to check it out. And it’s right near Payne’s Prairie – a double photo opportunity!

  4. Rusha, I love this shop. We used to go there when we lived in St. Augustine. I was just glad when I finally learned how to pronounce Micanopy! 🙂 Wishing you and Bert a very Happy New Year! ~Terri & James

    • Rusha Sams says:

      It’s quite a place, and nothing we expected to see. The owner emailed me, thanking me for the post, and said they were taking down this week and putting up Easter and gardening. I can only imagine! Happy New Year!

  5. parth893 says:

    ohh …. shop shop 😉 i loved that santa 🙂 ❤ SO CUTE OWL’S Happy new year 🙂 HO HO HO!!!!~~~

  6. suzjones says:

    Oh wow!!!!!!!! This is amazing. I wouldn’t be able to walk out of there without half the shop. 😛

    I have awarded you the Sisterhood of the World award should you wish to accept. No hard feelings if you don’t 🙂

  7. I always think about the take down work involved in these great displays too. 🙂

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