Running through downtown Spokane!


With only a couple of hours between breakfast at Frank’s Diner and departure for our northern route to West Bonner, Idaho, and then over to Lolo Pass, we chose downtown Spokane, Washington, for an afternoon of sightseeing in the center city of the Inland Northwest.

Spokane, with a population of over 200,000, gets its name from the Native American tribe of the Spokane, a word which means “Children of the Sun.” Located in the eastern part of Washington and nestled along the Spokane River, Spokane has become a hub of activity for residents and visitors alike.


The city has ample parking, and our spot put us squarely in front of a dashing line-up of runners that wraps around a city block.  Forty figures suspended in motion comprise The Joy of Running Together  by David Govedare honoring the annual Spokane Bloomsday Run.  The piece now offers encouragement to current-day participants as they enter the last leg of the race and head to the finish-line.


Tree-lined pathways invite leisure runners to enjoy the beauty of downtown just as we did . . .


or to stand and gaze at the Spokane Falls and listen to the calming rush of water in an urban setting.




We passed children fishing from the banks . . .

and then spied several more children in tow as moms and dads introduced them to the carousel nearby.


Because we have a love of indie bookstores, we couldn’t resist stopping by Auntie’s Bookstore where books (and much, much more!) span two floors of a huge downtown space.



In the back, local artists display and sell their creations and offer visitors like us the chance to take something home that’s unique to this area.


Spokane has natural beauty, well-designed outdoor gathering places, and a clean, welcoming appearance — an exciting place for celebrations, festivals, and commemorations. It’s also a comfortable venue for much-needed relaxation or exercise — with plenty of room for you to make the choice!


Even if you only have two hours to enjoy Spokane as we did, head downtown to take in the sights and sounds of one of the Inland Northwest’s finest cities. Running, however, is optional!

For more information:

Spokane Bloomsday Run: May 4, 2014

Visit Spokane

Greater Spokane Incorporated

Auntie’s Bookstore

402 W. Main Avenue

Spokane, WA 99201


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6 thoughts on “Running through downtown Spokane!

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    1. Rusha Sams

      That runner sculpture was quite a find! We just stepped out of a parking garage and started walking when we saw these iron runners wrapping around a downtown corner! Great idea for an installation! Loved it!

  2. ididitforjohnny

    Now, a reason to return – somehow, you missed the giant Red Ryder wagon inside the park. Kids (and I’ll admit it, adults), climb the stairs on one side, run across the main part of the wagon, and fly down the slide on the other side. So much fun. In the winter, the outdoor ice skating rink in the park is also very popular.

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