Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Now just look at the curves on this sweet, domestic lady! And how could you resist having lunch at the restaurant inside known as Mammy’s Cupboard in Natchez, Mississippi!

Built in 1940, this 28-foot-tall roadside icon holds a gift shop and a restaurant where sandwiches on homemade bread and meringue pies keep folks comin’ back for more.

Image 1

Look closely to see horseshoe earrings and a curvy little mouth.  No doubt you’ll smile, too, when you drive past and do a double take of this little lady so reminiscient of the beloved women of the Deep South.


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Mammy’s Cupboard

555 Highway 61 S

Natchez, MS




9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

  1. gallivance.net

    I love this Rusha. We’ve done a series of posts on Roadside Americana, and this is a perfect example. I love this stuff. When I see something like this I want to be the fly on the wall when the owner is talking to the contractor that’s going to build it. “OK, the main building will be the skirt, and I want a door and 5 windows … Great stuff. ~James

    1. Rusha Sams

      Would love to see more posts on Roadside Americana. Are they in your archives? And you’re right about those comments! Add this one: “And you want me to build what?”

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