Doors of Annapolis — Road Trip 2020

Historic buildings of Annapolis MD

Following my love of houses in such towns and cities as Georgetown, SC and Gettysburg, PA, I’m adding to our Road Trip series some of the doors and windows of the classy 18th century homes in Annapolis, MD. Although Annapolis may be the Sailing Capital of the U. S., there’s a lot for landlubbers to love in this fair city as well. Our post isn’t inclusive of all structures in Annapolis — just a few notable places within walking distance of the harbor and our Historic Inn, the Governor Calvert House.

Governor Calvert House, Annapolis MD

It bears noting, too, that the Maryland flag flies alongside the U. S. flag on many of these structures. Here’s a description from Preservation Maryland of this easily recognizable, colorful flag:

Maryland Flag

For those unfamiliar with the Maryland state flag, it features four alternating quadrants; the first and fourth display the black and gold bars and diagonal inverted stripe of the Calvert coat of arms and the second and third quadrants depict red and white quadrants and an inverted cross bottony of the Crossland coat of arms.

Maryland State House with its largest wooden dome built without nails in America

So here are some of our favorite homes of Annapolis — from traditional, classic buildings . . .

to patriotic homes with bright red doors.

Annapolis home with flag

From a church parish house and a law office . . .

to colorful doors all around.

Some homes are notable for landscaping above and beyond.

Landscaped home, Annapolis, MD

Others sport flags for all to see.

Flag Inn of Annapolis, Maryland

And some just stand alone on their merits — simple, classic, symmetrical by design. . . .

. . . yet elegant, livable, and notable.

Oh, those homes of Annapolis.

Travel the side streets,

Rusha & Bert

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22 thoughts on “Doors of Annapolis — Road Trip 2020

  1. Toonsarah

    These houses are so lovely, I can see why you enjoyed strolling around and photographing them all. As others have said, that last one is especially appealing 🙂

  2. maristravels

    Oh, to walk up the steps of that last house in your list. What gorgeous entrance. My husband and I had a Victorian house with tiled steps up to double doors and I never tired of walking up to that door and entering. Friends used ro wonder why I didn’t use the side-door (to kitchen etc.) but I just loved that entrance. Now, having downsized, I live in a flat but that’s OK. Things change and we adapt, but I still look at houses that that one of yours and I’m transported to days of elegance.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      We, too, have downsized to a condo with a plain sort of entrance, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ooh and ahh over dreamy entrances like this one. And the owners seem to enjoy making it appealing. It was by far the prettiest, most tasteful entrance we saw, but then again, we didn’t see the whole city. Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. Stay safe out there!

  3. jazzytower

    Annapolis looks like a good city for walking. Lots of interesting history reflected in the buildings. Thanks for sharing. I might pop in when things get back to normal.


  4. Dawn M. Miller

    Wow, you certainly have a knack for going to my favorite places! I haven’t been to Annapolis in a few years but I grew up in Maryland and my father lived (until he passed) on Kent Island. When he was ill I was there often with my then fiancé (that didn’t work out, btw) and we visited Annapolis a lot when Dad was receiving treatments or in the hospital there. I love that historic district and the doors are the heart of it. You’ve captured them beautifully!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much. We love walking through neighborhoods and checking out how and where people live. Annapolis is still a vibrant city, coping with the pandemic as best they can. I’d love a return trip. Check out my post just before this one for pictures of — what else?—sailboats!!!

  5. Ohana and Friends Travel

    How fun to see so many doors! It reminds me of our trip to Italy. One of the couples we spent time with loved to take pictures of doors and window boxes filled with flowers. I enjoy seeing architecture and how it changes from city to city and region to region. Thank you for the pictures. -Andrea

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