Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #118: Communication

Dining on the sidewalk in Naples, Italy

This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge had me thinking. Do we only communicate with others by talking head to head, squeezing in words whenever we can as people we saw in Naples, Italy, (above photo) were doing? Is talking aloud the only way we share our thoughts with others? Or is there communication in silence as well?

Real communication happens in silence.


With this quote by Osho, I searched through my photos to see if I had any of people communicating . . . albeit silently.

Even with his mask on and without saying a word, our waiter at Iron Rooster in Annapolis, Maryland, seemed happy at work, serving us breakfast on the sidewalk and communicating only with his eyes.

Can you see a smile under a mask? Could be!

And is there any doubt there’s communication between this just-married couple in front of the Duomo di Milano having a quiet moment in the midst of people from all over the world?

Words optional.

But there was also this woman in front of the doors of Duomo di Milano. Was she rubbing the surface as so many have done before to receive a blessing? To deliver a request? Or possibly just pondering her place in the universe as she stood there pensively . . . in the moment . . . alone, yet possibly communicating.

A moment of silence at Duomo di Milano.

Finally, it’s probably enough just to be on the phone, communicating with someone, wherever you may be, but not saying a word. Just listening. Because sometimes — well, maybe a lot of times — silence, and nothing more than silence, may be all we need to stay in touch.

Waiting to board.

Travel communicatively,


Thanks to the blog Horse Addict, written by Biasini and his partner Ma Leueen, for guest hosting this week’s challenge. If you’d like to share a post on the topic of communication, just link here and add the tag Lens Artists.

21 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #118: Communication

  1. pattimoed

    Beautiful images and words, Rusha. You expressed this so wonderfully. I often wonder if people can tell I’m smiling underneath my mask. Based on your waiter image, I guess they can!

  2. Anonymous

    I like the horse’s communication, very straightforward and simple: Bring carrot; I nicker. 🙂 –Curt

  3. anne leueen

    Hello Rusha, Biasini here. Thank you for responding to my communication challenge. Ma Leueen showed me the photos and read me your words. This is a wonderful post and I like the photos very much . We horses do not talk unless we must communicate a danger or we are stressed and want to know where the other horses are near us. Also I sometimes give a little nicker when I see Ma Leueen coming out to my paddock to get me. I am always happy to see her and she always has carrots! 🐴

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